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Minutes of DebConf5 IRC meeting, February 7, 2005.

People mentioned (not necessarily present at the meeting):

  • Andreas Schuldei (stockholm)
  • Anibal Monsalve Salazar (anibal)
  • Jeff Bailey (jbailey)
  • Jesus Climent (mooch)
  • Lars Wirzenius (liw)
  • Marcela Tiznado (ASCIIGirl)
  • Wolf Bergenheim (wolf)

IRC log is available at

Meeting started at 20:01 UTC.

  • Status report on sponsorships, sponsorees, budget, by Andreas: We now have 70,000 dollars, out of the 120,000 dollars we want. We have now enough to cover housing and probably food and some other things, for up to 200 people, but at least sponsorships for flight tickets are missing. This is assuming we get 200 people. With 150 people, the money will extend further. If more than 200 people come, some will have to be asked to pay their own food and housing, but they are otherwise quite welcome. The way to choose who gets sponsored and who needs to pay for themselves has not been decided. Andreas will be calling some futher companies about support, so we might be able to get some more money yet.
  • Status report on the call for papers, by Jeff: The call for papers has been sent to debian-devel-announce last Friday, but has not appeared on the list yet, for unknown reasons. There are now about ten proposals.
  • Status report on registration, by Lars: Comas reports 96 registrations to the conference. There is a risk that only half of the registered people actually appear, based on experience from previous years.
  • Status report on location, by Jesus: Jesus is talking to different people in Otaniemi. We have the building and some other places reserved to us, but there is some unclarity. We will get a room for keeping some servers, without air conditioning. We will need a place to have meals. There will be no kitchen for making food for 200 people, unless we can convince the owners of one of the restaurants or student cafes in Otaniemi to co-operate. Jesus is working on getting blueprints and accessiblity info.
  • Status report on web site, by Wolf and Marcela: Some content is missing: cars, find your bedroom (to be filled in by Comas), meet at airport. Lars has set up a weekly cron job to check for missing links, the report will be sent to the debconf5-website mailing list. There are blogging, image gallery, chatrooms, and an upcoming events modules installed in Drupal. The site is therefore nearly finished. Corrections and suggestions are welcome and should be sent to the debconf5-website mailing list.
  • Status report on food, by Lars: Lars called one small catering service, the budget and amount of food should be doable. The catering service would like to hear about the number of people, and menu restrictions such as veganisms or allergies a month earlier. They will want a written request for an offer at some point and that one can be sent to other catering services as well. July is quite a busy month for caterers, so this should be done early. Lars will mail debconf5-team in a bit more detail about this. Someone else will have to continue this task, however.
  • Notification of being busy, by Lars: Lars will be busy with other things and won't be able to work for Debconf5 at least for several weeks.

The meeting ended at 21:06 UTC.

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