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Ok, so you all used Comas to get in here, and many of you have criticized different aspects of it. I am interested in finding out what can be improved and how to do this - Either from the user, co-organizer or co-programmer points of view.

Please write down your comments here.


[edit] Comas use case

When starting the organisation a small event of about 250 people the event-organisation decides to use Comas as their conference management system. Comas helps them keep track of registrants and support their processes and other needs. It helps them before, during and after the event to keep things under control.

Before the event Comas is used not just for keeping track of registratants, but also for receiving talk-offers and scheduling talks. It also provided a projection number of participants and their food needs, which was useful.

[edit] Links on the Schedule

I'm not sure if the Schedule page on the debconf5 website is generated from something in Comas, but it would certainly be nice if it had links to the overviews of the talks in there.

An additional valuable thing would be to be able to subscribe to the schedule in iCal format.

[edit] Mixture of HTTP and HTTPS

Popups are shown on most pages under strict web browsers because the HTTPS web pages use HTTP:// urls.

[edit] Can't download the ".crt"

Can't download the ".crt" from most browsers, probably due to its ContentType.

[edit] Poor navigation when logged in

When you 'log in', you can't navigate easily through the website anymore, as you did when not logged in.

[edit] Getting information out

The reception at DebConf5 often needed to get various pieces of information out of Comas. It would be useful to be able to define some kind of "templates" or similar that could be used to pull out the needed information quickly. Access limitations should apply of course.

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