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olodeldarv coviolodell We can create nametags for DebConf5 on demand using a laminator (which is a device with wraps platic around a piece of paper). So we can use a plain printer (where we print business card sized "nametags") and the laminator to create durable nametags for debconf. Incridients are easy to buy, in case we run out of them. Using a printer, we can create them on demand.

But we want to use the data COMAS has. So we need a interface and some glue, like perl or bash and tex.

<stockholm> h01ger: there needs to be a bit of intelligence since the layout will look different depending on if the nick was given or not

<Q-FUNK> h01ger: the other thing is, there should eb a clear distinction on those name tags if someone is an organizer.

<h01ger> Q-FUNK, different colored paper gives different colored nametages ;-)

<Q-FUNK> I meant that iit should state "organizer"

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