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The goal of this page is to group all necessary information for the organisation of videoteam's DC17 Sprint #1.

More infos on the Debian sprint process can be found here.


[edit] Dates

The venue will be available from Thursday 17 November to Sunday 20 November.

[edit] Venue

   Université Pierre et Marie Curie
   Barre 15-16, premier étage
   4 place Jussieu
   75005 Paris 5ème arrondissement

[edit] Getting there

Métro lines 7 and 10 (stop "Jussieu")

Here is a map of IRILL location (IRILL is between towers 15 and 16, in the westernmost corner).

[edit] Working space

We could use the IRILL visioconference room and colonize a nearby classroom during the weekend if we need it and more people trickle in.

The visioconference room is a bit tight (well, it sits 15ish ppl around tables), but it has the advantage of being in IRILL and lockable, so we're free to do as we choose in it, and to leave hardware as is during the night. It also has (firewalled) wired network drops.

The classroom is bigger (sits 50), but even though it's physically in IRILL it's a shared resource and we're not sure we can lock it.

Weekend access is not a problem: the campus is open to the public on Saturdays, and on Sundays we just need to give a list of names to the security staff so that they let people in.

We plan to book the visio room from Thursday 17 November to Sunday 20 November. That way, early people can drop their stuff off and/or start working on Thursday. We can colonize the classroom when it's free and we need to breathe.

[edit] Accommodation

Citadines Place d'Italie (4 metro stops away)

[edit] Attendees

  • olasd (Nicolas Dandrimont), local organizer
  • pollo
  • tumbleweed
  • froztbyte
  • ivodd
  • RattusRattus
  • h01ger
  • wouter

[edit] Agenda

  • Hardware plugfest / sort fest
  • Voctomix
  • On-demand streaming setup (olasd)

See all the tasks assigned for the sprint #1 on our Kanboard project

[edit] Budget

We set accom at 60 eur / day as a reference price.

  • olasd: 0 (local)
  • pollo: 600 euros (plane) + accom
  • h01ger: ~200 euros - I'll be happy to cover travel or accomodation but not both…
  • froztbyte: 500 euro (flight) + 100 euro (visa) + accom
  • ivodd: ~100 eur (train) + accom
  • tobi: ~110 eur (train or plane) plane seems cheaper atm) + accom
  • rattusrattus: 0 I should be able to cover this
  • wouter: €207 (train) + €95 (accom). While I should be able to cover that, it would still be nice if I could get some of that reimbursed.

[edit] Notes

pollo blogged daily to document what we did during the sprint:

The hardware list is available on our Team page

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