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[edit] DebCamp infrastructure meeting 2017-07-31

[edit] Agenda

  • wifi
  • wired lan
  • network storage
  • todo
  • keys

[edit] Summary

Run around and do everything already.

[edit] Present

  • anarcat / antoine
  • lhark / Goulven
  • abdelq / abdel
  • tumbleweed / stefanor
  • martin
  • lavamind / jerome
  • olasd / Nicolas Dandrimont
  • pollo / louis-philippe

[edit] Wifi

  • SSID/password: DebConf17 / stretch17
  • Cafeteria AP: we'll do some trial and error to unplug the non-functional AP

[edit] Wired VLAN

jerome and tumbleweed are picking up the switches (Cisco 2960s) to start setting up. the Cisco 2960X's need to stay in the NOC

DHCP provided by NOC, not maisonneuve - there's a default gateway + NAT'd IP space, but that's it. a /25 or /26 could be provided. video needs public IPs (a couple, so a /26 is enough for the whole NOC)

jerome and olasd will pick up the desktops machines (~10) for dhcp (noc) and video

100mbit is enough for the hacklab

IPs allocated on the DHCP server.

avoid everything that starts with,,

go through ansible to setup the servers

Reminder: rooms are in

[edit] Networked storage

jerome will set up debian on the machine with 20*800GB ssd this afternoon, as soon as network is ready

[edit] Todo

  • hacklab to wire: power bars, extensions, switches and cabling
  • machines to install with ansible

[edit] Keys

pollo gave the NOC key to nicolas

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