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[edit] Summary

[edit] Bursaries

Evaluations are ongoing. Out of 400ish total evaluations, one third is final, one third has been submitted but not finalized, one third has not been sent yet.

Bursaries team hopes to have a first ranking by the end of the week.

[edit] Registration

Work needs to be done to tie the bursaries and the global confirmation workflow.

[edit] Venue & accommodation

We sent a mail asking folks to check their accommodation and validate they were ok with on-site accomm. Current peak onsite is 137 people. We'll have 90 places for on-site accomm. Others will have to be moved to RVC.

According to the real work schedule, all the potentially disturbing construction work will be done by the time we arrive.

[edit] Content

Content team is waiting for bursaries to move on.

Two of of the three keynote speakers are confirmed and the third one is nearly confirmed. They are Deb Nicholson, Kathey Sutter and Matthew Garrett.

As for schedule proposal, local team said that having sessions from 9h to 12h, lunch from 12h to 14h and finishing by 18h~19h for dinner was reasonable. We did not talk about breaks but took for granted at least 2 breaks.

[edit] Artwork

We are working hard to meet the June 1st deadline to send t-shirts designs to the printer.

[edit] Videoteam

Videoteam had a meeting on the 24th. We'll rent some stuff locally and will try to buy the rest before the conf.

We now have a schedule for 2 meetings per month.

[edit] DC18 status update

Comments/votes are welcome for the logo contest:

The DC18 team is looking into government grants for international conferences that could total up to 93k USD.

[edit] Minutes

[edit] People present

  • pollo
  • lavamind
  • DLange
  • olasd
  • medicalwei
  • tvaz
  • hare1039
  • bremner
  • LeLutin
  • lamby
  • fil
  • azeem_
  • nattie
  • bunk
  • h01ger
  • larjona
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