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[edit] Summary

[edit] Reviewing our timeline

Timeline items were reviewed and we are a little late. We will try to open registration around mid-February, but that involves working on the website a lot more to have it ready

[edit] Conference program

Content team is not yet sure when they want to open the call for talk proposal. They decided they want to make a call for people to coordinate tracks to try to start moving.

[edit] Visa and Bursaries teams

Abdel said he'd like to lead the Visa team. Azeem proposed himself to show him a few things.

As for bursaries, Bremner said he would not have time to lead this year. A few names came up but nothing is sure yet.

[edit] Catering

The only thing left to do for catering at the moment is to review the contract they sent us. This will be done soon.

[edit] Venue

Still playing a little with what exact rooms we need. Lavamind asked a few things recently but has yet to hear back from venue management.

[edit] Accommodation

We did a mock classroom setup, took pictures and did a little video. You can find some of it here:

Lavamind is thinking of reserving 70 rooms at the Hotel soon since they are putting a lot of pressure on us. Prices changed yet again and we now only have 20 rooms at 159 CAD, other being jacked up to 169 and 179 CAD (nicer rooms though).

[edit] Website

Lots of things to do. Tvaz will organise a registration sprint.

[edit] Coordination

We decided to switch to weekly meetings instead of bi-monthly.

Please update your KanBoard tasks if you have some and things changed.

[edit] Minutes

[edit] People present

  • pollo
  • lavamind
  • DLange
  • gwolf
  • azeem
  • bremner
  • tvaz
  • olasd
  • abdelq
  • OdyX
  • mehdi
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