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[edit] On-site

On-site lodging will be available for DebConf17 attendees.

The lodging facilities will consist of 18 classrooms in the venue building, converted into shared dorms of 5 beds each.

Each room is approximately 74 square meters in size, with a ceiling height of 4.2 meters, and has windows equipped with rolling blinds.

Beds will consist of cots rented from the local Red Cross. Alternatively, attendees may bring an air mattress.

Temperature and humidity are controlled by the central system. The building is quite recent, so the ventilation system is modern and works well.

Attendees will be required to bring a comfortable sleeping bag. A pillow will be provided.

[edit] Photos

DC17 dorm panorama.jpg

[edit] Showers and bathrooms

Attendees will be able to use the showers located on levels 1 and 5 of C block.

Bathrooms and water fountains can be found on each floor of E block.

[edit] Laundry

Laundry will be self-service. Loads can be washed at the nearby laundromat, about 550m from the venue.

The full address of the laundromat is 3561 Rue Hochelaga. You can try calling them at +1 5145246691 but don't expect much help in English over the phone.


[edit] Lockers

Student lockers will be available for use by attendees, who will have to provide their own locks.

[edit] House rules

Noise ??


[edit] External

[edit] McGill Residences (Royal Victoria College)

McGill's Royal Victoria College (RVC) is one of McGill's student residences. We reserved 80 single rooms and 8 double rooms for sponsored attendees.

Self-paid attendees might not be able to find available rooms for August 5th and 6th, but rooms should be available afterwards.

RVC has shared bathrooms, free wifi and small shared kitchens.

It is situated in downtown Montreal approximately 30 minutes door to door by subway from the venue. RVC is on the same subway line (green) as the venue.

[edit] Price

Single rooms are 54 CAD$/night (tx incl.) and double rooms 77 CAD$/night (tx incl.). It will be hard for self-paid attendees to find better prices than this for accommodation in Montreal.

[edit] Photos

[edit] Laundry

A laundry service is available on-site for a fee.

[edit] Hotel Universel

The Hôtel Universel Montréal is a four-star hotel located 1.8 km away from the conference venue.

It's the closest option and is recommended for self-paid attendees who do not wish to use the shared-room accommodation provided at the venue site.

The hotel has free wifi, free parking, an ATM, pools (indoor & outdoor), elevators, etc.

A free shuttle from the hotel to the venue will be running from 8:00 AM to 10:00 PM. You could also:

[edit] Price

Rooms are around 200 CAD$/night (tx. incl.) for one room with 2 double beds. Up to 5 people per room are accepted.A limited number of cots and cribs are also available without extra fees.

DebConf reserved 10 rooms for self-paid attendees, but you should not have any problems reserving a room by yourself online. Please mention you are with the DebConf17 group.

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