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[edit] Summary

[edit] Proposed speakers update

9 suggestions so far. Content team has started discussing them.

[edit] Catering

We are at the same point we were last meeting. Tiago will try to get us a 3rd option before October.

Martin Michlmayr will be the one to sign contracts for us (catering, venue, etc.) since he's SPI president.

[edit] Website

No job was done on the website.

Content -> LeLutin Styling -> Valessio + Tiago (with help from tumbleweed)

[edit] Accommodation

lavamind & tassia visited the Hotel we are looking into. It was nicer than what we expected. We need to look if putting everyone but 20% of sponsored people there with triple occupancy is doable.

[edit] Fundraising

Still going on.

[edit] Budget

Pollo had no time to work on this.

[edit] DC16 finances

No new from UTC.

[edit] How to volunter, what to do?

A few people came and asked us how they could help. We decided to make the wiki clearer and to organise another local event to welcome them.

[edit] New meeting time

The current meeting schedule was not working for quite a few people. A new poll will be issued.

[edit] Minutes

[edit] Action items

  • aviau
* aviau to talk to abdelq about sponsors
  • lavamind
* lavamind to write a volunteer page on the wiki
  • tiago
* tiago to find 2 or 3 catering options to start negociations in Oct
* tiago to poke valessio about the website styling
  • tumbleweed
* tumbleweed to hack a basic stylesheet that looks somewhat like the brochure
  • pollo
* pollo to poke LeLutin about the website content
* pollo to add contacting Tourisme Montreal to KB
* pollo to add to KB contacting Velo Montreal about bike rentals
* pollo to make 2 different budget versions, "hotel" and "no-hotel"
* pollo to add to KB "staging a would-be classroom with RC cots"
* pollo to ping bgupta on fundraising
* pollo to find some time to review DC16 report and give feedback to indiebio
* pollo to modify the brochure with
* pollo to find someone to organise a local event
* pollo to make a new meeting time poll
* pollo to poke tumbleweed to poke UCT
* pollo to poke soli & abdelq about how they can help

[edit] People present

  • pollo
  • lavamind
  • tiago
  • madduck
  • aviau
  • DLange
  • azeem
  • tumbleweed
  • abdelq
  • mehdi
  • soli
  • larjona
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