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[edit] Agenda

  • New members welcome
  • New meeting schedule and remote participation
    • Option 1: all of the meetings are done via IRC and MTL team meets once in a while for social interactions
    • Option 2: we alternate between global IRC meetings and in-the-flesh MTL meetings with partial IRC interactions
    • Do we want fixed date meeting (i.e twice a month on Thursday from X to Y) or do we poll for each meeting?
  • Project governance / chairs
    • Who gets to vote and on what?
    • Option 1: everyone can vote and a few selected persons decide when there is no clear consensus
    • Option 2: we decide with 50% +1 votes. One can vote once her/his name is present on 3 consecutive meeting's minutes (i.e in the People present (lines said) section). We keep a document with this info updated
    • Option 3: don't vote. Ignore the topic and the trolls. On a sane group a solution will be found without formalities and wars.
  • Team roles review & membership
    • See info bellow
  • Making a calendar for the year
  • Launching sponsorship drive
  • Content team participation
  • Food & accommodation status
  • Theme and goals for content, invited speakers
  • hosting Owncloud/Nextcloud & Kanboard on the Debconf servers
    • our Kanboard & Owncloud are being hosted by local team ATM. It would be nice for future use if this became part of Debconf infra
    • there are alternatives on (Kanban: Wekan & Srcrumblr; File sharing: Davros), but these apps are much simpler
  • DC16 leftover
    • Do we need a meeting in few weeks? (indiebio: yes)
    • Proper shopping of Nigel into the team photo. Needs better gimping skills applied (lighten cate/shadow, gimp in Nigel, possibly logo) (tamo, valessio, aigarus?)
    • Release of group photo, people keep asking
    • Final Report, Closing accounting, thank you letter to sponsors, getting a recommendation letter from venue, other items?

[edit] Teams/Tasks (requiring to be joined and conquered)

(see also

  • Facilities (venue, accommodation, food)
  • Content (talks, scheduling)
  • Registration (user support)
  • Registration system (Wafer)
  • Web site (and other information to users/volunteers/sponsors)
  • Fundraising (getting money for Debian/DebConf)
  • Infrastructure (the network / servers venue side)
  • Budgeting and accounting (VERY IMPORTANT, REQUIRED FROM BEGINNING)

[edit] Other teams (not urgent/globals)

  • Bursaries (spending money of Debian)
  • Infrastructure (in general)
  • Video-team
  • Publicity (but contacting also local media, within Quebec, would be nice)

[edit] Minutes

[edit] Actions

  1. < pollo> yo people, fill out the wiki for the roles:
  2. (action is up for grabs) improve clarity of TeamRoles page and ensure all types of work are on there
  3. pollo will work on and clear up
  4. LeLutin to help out with the timeline
  5. pollo and madduck to work on timeline as well
  6. pollo to ping aviau about fundraising flyer / brochure
  7. LeLution responsible for dc17.d.o, superfly can help out, tumbleweed is doing stub and general webiness
  8. pollo: get in touch with aviau regarding sponsorship brochure
  9. pollo coordinate a meeting to (re-)kickstart discussions and put together a plan for moving DC infra to debian infra
  10. DLange to send tamo the group picture for cate enlightenment, Nigel inclusion and logo works
  11. tumbleweed settles finances, invoices etc.
  12. tamo drafts thank you letters to sponsors.
  13. madduck to write a quick feedback summary.
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