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The DebConf17 team is currently using a Kanboard instance to track and manage organizing tasks.

This page documents our use of the tool to improve sync between team members.


[edit] Access and accounts

The URL of the instance is:

Accounts are created manually and may be requested in #debconf-team on IRC (OFTC network).

A public, read-only URL is also available:

[edit] Columns

Project columns are used as follows:

  • To Do: Tasks that have not yet started or been assigned.
  • In Progress: Tasks that are actively being worked on.
  • Stalled: Tasks that are on due to external factors (eg. missing funds, waiting on a vendor, pending a decision, etc.)
  • Done: Drag-drop finished tasks in there.

[edit] Creating a task

  • Pick a short, descriptive title
  • Write out all relevant details in the description section
  • Pick an appropriate category (colors are automatically assigned according to categories)
  • Set a due date, even if not obvious

Other task parameters such as complexity are mostly unused.

[edit] Assignment

Please consider assigning the new task to yourself.

It's not required that the assignee do all the actual work involved: he or she can simply act as an overseer and ensure the task is completed in a timely fashion.

[edit] Tags

The following tags are in use:

  • remote: tasks suitable for global participants
  • newcomer: tasks which are easy to pick up
  • help-wanted: assignee requesting some help

[edit] Supplementing

Please use the following features to provide additional context and/or information about tasks:

  • File attachements
  • Comments
  • Sub-tasks
  • External links
  • Internal links (eg. between tasks)

[edit] Notifications

Project notifications are available through RSS. The URL is listed on the project overview page.

RSS notifications are also sent to #debconf-team using a modified python-rss2irc.

A true IRC plugin for Kanboard is planned.

[edit] Useful links

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