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A list of family-friendly fun activities for DebConf17.

These are working ideas, feel free to add!


[edit] On site

There are many fun activities we could organize at the venue itself. Here are some ideas that are being considered. Feel free to add more ideas, and indicate whether you'd be interested in organize it!

  • Movie screenings, suggestions below (add your own)
    • Risk
    • The Internet's Own Boy
  • FLOSS videogames
  • Water balloon fight

[edit] In the neighborhood

Several points of interest are mapped here:

[edit] Olympic Sports Centre pool

The Montreal Olympic Sports Centre is open to the public and includes a fun wading pool for kids.

  • Getting there: 15 minute walk from the venue
  • Cost: $5.00 to $7.00 CAD per person, see rates
  • Toilets: yes
  • Food: not available

[edit] Botanical Garden and Insectarium

The Montreal Botanical Garden is a 190 acre garden showcasing thousands of plant species, from tiny mosses to majestic trees. The greenhouses are a must-see. On the same grounds is the Insectarium, a great place to discover and admire the insects amongst us.

  • Getting there: 10 minute walk from the venue
  • Cost: $20.25 CAD per adult, see rates
  • Toilets: yes
  • Food: restaurant and coffee-shop on-site

[edit] Planetarium

Learn about the cosmos by attending a Planetarium show.

  • Getting there: 20 minute walk from the venue
  • Cost: $20.25 CAD per adult, (see rates)
  • Toilets: yes
  • Food: restaurant on-site

[edit] Maison de la culture Hochelaga-Maisonneuve

The Maison de la culture offers a wide array of shows, including theatre and cinema, exhibitions and workshops

  • Getting there: 25 minute walk from the venue, or 5 minute drive
  • Cost: varies according to event (see schedule)
  • Toilets: yes
  • Food: restaurants and coffee shops nearby

[edit] Vélopousse Maisonneuve

Vélopousse Maisonneuve is a friendly tricycle shuttle service connecting attractions across the Olympic complex and the local neighborhood.

  • Getting there: 10 to 30 minute walk to pick-up point depending on the circuit
  • Cost: $20.00 CAD per adult (see rates
  • Toilets: at pick-up points
  • Food: restaurants and coffee shops across the circuit

[edit] Lalancette park splash pad and pétanque

Montreal summers can get hot & humid. Cool down at the Lalancette park splash pad, or wind down at a game of pétanque with your fellow hackers. Bring your own balls!

  • Getting there: 5 minute walk from venue
  • Cost: free
  • Toilets: not available
  • Food: not available

[edit] Préfontaine skate park

Show off your skateboarding moves at the local skate park.

  • Getting there: 30 minute walk (or 20 minutes skateboarding) from the venue
  • Cost: free
  • Toilets: not available
  • Food: restaurant across the street

[edit] Kid-friendly certified establishments

Bringing kids to DebConf17? Check out this helpful map of certified kid-friendly establishments in the local neighborhood.

[edit] Montreal area

If you want to check it out, we got these coupons you can use for different activities and food related events in Montreal

[edit] Pub Crawl

Please drink in moderation and have plenty of water! Typical microbrew starts at 6%, 8% is common and stronger brews easily reach 10%. Consider ordering smaller quantities (eg. glasses instead of pints).

Quebec is known for its numerous microbreweries. Here is pub crawl map crafted by pollo, DC17's in-house beer amateur.

Starting the crawl at 15:00 on a Monday-Tuesday-Wednesday with a group no larger than 10 is recommended if you want to make it to the end.

This pub crawl can either be made with city bikes (recommended) or by a combination of walk and bus.

Pub list:

  • L'Espace Public
  • Station Host
  • Le Cheval Blanc
  • Pit Caribou
  • Dieu du Ciel!
  • Bonus: La Banquise (Poutine)
  • Bonus: Dépanneur Peluso (Beer Store)

If you especially like micro-breweries, you may want to visit the Vices & Versa bar that has ~30 beers on tap!

[edit] Hike on the Mont-Royal

Hike up Mont-Royal and enjoy the nature and viewpoints on the city.

  • Getting there: 15 minute walk from Mont-Royal metro station (orange line)
  • Cost: free
  • Toilets: yes, see map
  • Food: yes, see map

[edit] Amusements at the Oldport of Montreal

Enjoy the Zipline, giant labyrinth, rent a paddle boat, hop on the pirate ship theme park or just walk around!

  • Getting there: 10 minute walk from the Champs-de-Mars metro station (orange line)
  • Cost: free to enter Oldport site, rates vary for activities and rentals
  • Toilets: yes
  • Food: restaurants and snack counters on-site

[edit] Underground City

Enjoy Underground City for seeing the city away from the sun, supposed to be nice place to shop.

[edit] Montreal's 375th

The city of Montreal is celebrating its 375th this year with many events of all kinds. See the programming for more details.

[edit] National historic sites

On the occasion of Canada's 150th birthday in 2017, Parks Canada is offering free passes to federally-administered and national historical sites. While this applies only to two large natural parks in Quebec. (one in Gaspé, the other in Mauricie), many historical sites can be found in and around the island of Montreal. See the full list (select "Quebec" in the dropdown and then use the "Search" button) or plan by region.

[edit] Revolution: the exhibition

Revolution is an exhibition of the Museum of Fine Arts that attendees may find interesting. To get there from the venue, follow the directions provided, which will probably involve taking the green line west towards Peel station.

[edit] Cinema sous les étoiles

Cinéma sous les étoiles is a recurring event where movies are displayed, for free, in parks here and there in town. People are welcome to attend in a friendly atmosphere. Some movies are only in french but a lot have subtitles.

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