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Please add your name to the according category if you plan to bring an attendee shirt from the corresponding DebConf to this year's DebConf. This is meant to help organize the group photo involving them all. Some previous year's group photo can be found here:

NOTE: Please only put an X for a shirt that you have the regular attendee shirt. While for the general group photo everything you like to wear is fine, the DebConf Shirts photo is meant to consist of only the regular attendee shirts. So no video team shirts or staff shirts in this one if possible, please. :)

name + contact dc3 dc4 dc5 dc6 dc7 dc8 dc9 dc10 dc11 dc12 dc13 dc14 dc15 dc16 dc17
Rhonda <rhonda@d.o> x X x x
Daniel (Kinnison) <> X
Paul Wise <> x
Jerome (lavamind) <jerome@dc.o> x
olasd <olasd@d.o> x x x x x
enrico <enrico@d.o> x x X x x
Aaron M. Ucko <ucko@d.o> X x
Solomon Ucko x
Joost van Baal-Ilić <joostvb@d.o> x X x x
Hugo Lefeuvre <hle@d.o> x x
Jonathan Carter (highvoltage) <jcc@d.o> X
David Steele <steele@d.o> X
Lee Garrett x
Noël Köthe <noel@d.o> X X X X X X X X X X X X X X
Gunnar Wolf X X X X X X X
Balint Reczey <rbalint@d.o> X x
Stefano Rivera <stefanor@d.o> X x x x x x x
Taowa X
Piotr X
Jana X
Branden X
skainz X
sven <> X X X X X X
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