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Announcements for Friday, August 11


[edit] On-site Dorm Checkout

Will you be checking out from on-site dorms between now and Sunday morning? Please make sure to hand in your room key and your blanket, if you borrowed one from Front Desk. If Front Desk is closed when you checkout, simply slide your room key in between the door and glass panel, and leave the blanket under the sticker table.

[edit] Talk Slides

We want to remind speakers that they are welcome to mail their slides to so they can be uploaded to the debconf-share git-annex[0] and be linked to from the respective event page in the conference website.

If you are familiar with git-annex, you can upload your slides as well, but please use the <talk-id>-<title>.<extension> file naming scheme.


[edit] Feedback

If you have positive or negative feedback about the conference, please send it to Please share the details on what you liked or disliked so that we can use it to improve future DebConfs. Your feedback will be read and compiled for future local teams in order to make DebConf18 and beyond even better. Please indicate if you'd like your feedback to remain anonymous or if it can be used in public (often useful for the website or documents like the final report).

[edit] Conference T-shirts

Front Desk is giving out the remaining stock of attendee t-shirts. We have several straight-cut XL and up, and some fitted-cut women's S and L. If you have been volunteering with organising tasks, please come pick up your red "staff" shirt. Helping with tear-down on Sunday will definitely earn you a staff shirt!

Video team members who haven't received a shirt yet, can pick one up from the NOC (ask another video team member for directions). We don't have all sizes remaining, but we hope we have something that'll fit.

[edit] Film Screening

There will be a screening of the (creative commons licensed) documentary "The Internet's Own Boy: The Story of Aaron Swartz" tonight at around 21:30 in room Rex. For more information on this film, see [1] and [2].

[1] [2]

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