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[edit] Some tips

  • The venue (University of Cape Town) will have good Internet, most attendees won't need a mobile data connection for the duration of their stay. If you're planning to stay on after DebConf or need connectivity while out and about, getting a local sim card would be a good idea.
  • Sim cards in South Africa are dirt cheap. You can typically buy a sim card for any provider from a supermarket or other retail outlet for between R0.50 and R2.00 (that's typically between US$0.03 and US$0.25 based on exchange rate fluctuations, provider and store).
  • RICA: In South Africa, you are required to register your sim card before you can use it. To do this, you need to provide your proof of address when purchasing your sim.

[edit] Table of providers and costs

There is a fairly complete comparison on Wikia. TL;DR: go for Vodacom with the B4IGO plan (for foreigners) if you accept to pay premium or a regular plan. In the latest case, it seems best to not go in a Vodacom shop at the airport. Instead, go upstairs to Woolworths store ("Shop No IDR, Domestic Departure Hall"). They sell the same plans without charging premium for the SIM card.

[edit] Cell C

[edit] Telkom

[edit] MTN

[edit] Vodacom

[edit] Roaming from Other Countries

[edit] Roaming from UK mobile networks

This is generally very expensive!

[edit] Three

Data £3 per MB. (South Africa is not a "feel at home" country so this is charged outside of inclusive allowance.) Calls £1.40/min, texts 35p.

[edit] EE

Data requires a Zone B roaming data add-on, £20/week (for 40MB/week), £40/week (for 100MB/week), or other options. Calls £1.50/min, texts 50p.

[edit] O2

Data £6 per MB(!). Calls 80p/min, texts 40p

[edit] Vodafone

Website down at time of writing.

[edit] Roaming from US mobile networks

[edit] T-Mobile

Data: Free. (2G speeds, proxied via US) SMS: Free. Calls: 20c/min (USD).

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