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Daily check in meeting agenda, DebConf16:

Morning check in meeting 9:30 orga

Minutes are kept at

Name badges - should arrive fully assembled Swag Bags - coming on Friday morning

  • ACTION Swag inventory - indiebio

Swag is stored in Menzies 11B (the venue for front desk).

  • ACTION: Tamo to deliver things to Menzies 11B

Food tickets (DLange) Prices are fixed R150 per normal meal (colourful printed A4 sheets tickets) R250 per braai (red small tickets) Conference dinner R600 (blue small tickets) Packed lunch for excursion (R150)

Conference dinner: wine buying?

  • ACTION: Send announcement that meals are available to buy
  • ACTION: sort out way to see sponsored people's conference dinner tickets.
  • ACTION: Stefano to sort out how to identify people who paid for food / lunch and dinner tickets for sponsored people

Day trip: how would the Local team need to be divided (tamo)

  • ACTION: make sign-up sheet with all top options on one page, ask for interest (annoucenment email) - indiebio
  • ACTION: local team to volunrteer as 'bus-captains'

Extension cords - lavamind Connectivity - wifi status - meeting in one hour

Publicity coverage - #jobsforshirish - indiebio & superfly to try

Open Weekend Announce email draft: - please help/edit/add Direction signs? - not really required.

General signs:

  • coffee machines - urbec, highvoltage

(coffee machine upstairs is being fixed)

ICTS meeting at 11am


  • Orga room keys!! *thwops tumbleweed* leave keys at reception
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