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[edit] Agenda

  1. Review the website, see what do we need, who can help (larjona)
    1. publish schedule?
    2. announce video streaming
    3. volunteers page?
    4. CoC and venue info more prominent (now in about > about debconf)
    5. site credits, license and link to source code
    6. Need a page for Debian Day please (indiebio)
  2. Welcome kit? (a PDF with directions from airport to UCT, important telephones, etc)
  3. Publicity coverage during DebConf: microblogging, blog posts, channels, volunteers.
  4. Call for sprints?
  5. Note: Open Weekend to be called "Debian Day Open Festival" - indiebio That sorts out the day/weekend confusion and sets the festive tone. :)
  6. Key signing - sharing the hash of the single doc regularly, reliably? (debconf-discuss thread)

[edit] Minutes

[edit] Actions

  1. highvoltage to move CoC to its own page
  2. tumbleweed to add credits link to the website
  3. nattie is working on a welcome kit
  4. indiebio to sort out orienteering maps
  5. highvoltage check with larjona if anything is still needed for debcamp cfp and get it out
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