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[edit] Agenda

  1. Local Team sponsorship (who needs it? Please ask food sponsorship if you want to eat with us)
  2. VAT issue
    1. Q: do we pay VAT on local CMC invoices? (we did not pay VAT on the SPI deposit of R366+k)
    2. Solution 1: get a VAT number (how much work is this in ZA?)
    3. Solution 2: use UCT VAT number (we are a UCT event!)
    4. Solution 3: stop collections from CMC as much as possible (sponsors) and collect / pay from SPI where we can
    5. Solution 4: switch on your brains folks, any proposal welcome!
  3. Catering + fix Locations for food during DebCamp, during DebConf, Braai, conference dinner (Aquarium)
  4. Network team leads -> luca and Mithrandir
    1. got a video storage server from Hetzner (thank you!)
    2. can have additional storage from EE department (via tumbleweed)
  5. DebCamp
    1. Sprints

[edit] Minutes


[edit] Actions

  1. tumbleweed to discuss VAT with Ielhaam
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