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[edit] Agenda

  1. Confirmed sponsors' liason: fulfillment. Please get indiebio and tumbleweed on that
  2. Chat to sponsors ML about local companies (non-sponsors, or lower ranks) opportunities
  3. Day trip (pick options)
  4. Bursary status:
    1. Diversity
    2. Outreach
    3. Local team
    4. Press
  5. Catering decision
  6. Short status report: registration, visa, video, content, t-shirt, badge, speaker banners
    1. And start to collect what teams need: printer, cash box (2?), duct tape, pharmacy, cables, phone, walkies talkies, panic, sleep, etc.
  7. Reconfirm, before nattie's getting nervous!!! (Status: 155 of 264 (59%))
  8. Wafer reporting for CMC invoices (total vs. outstanding); DLange added sponsor-collections-from-CMC.txt to dc16.git to track ... well, sponsor collections via CMC

[edit] Minutes


[edit] Actions

  1. tumbleweed to get indiebio and tumbleweed on fulfillment
  2. also remove inactive people from last year
  3. indiebio to send an email summary
  4. indiebio to give tamo information about UCT's external bus agreements
  5. tumbleweed to talk to CMC about stays after debconf
  6. tumbleweed to find a cash box
  7. tumbleweed to look for printers too
  8. paddatrapper to price 2-way radios
  9. tamo to get invoice for aquarium
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