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[edit] Agenda

  • Note: DC16 is in 7 weeks!
  • Note: insurance (to arrange separately from UCT)
  • Note: Schedule, timings (discussion on -team thread)
  1. CMC needs the list of delegates who require early or late check in's at the UCT residence.
  2. Catering
  3. Day Trip
  4. Insurance
  5. Open Weekend
  6. General Business

[edit] Minutes

[edit] Actions

  1. tumbleweed to visit CMC, and figure out early/late attendees
  2. tumbleweed to take flowers and/or chocolate along
  3. tumbleweed to look at UCT tennis club (also for cheese & wine)
  4. dumbassman to wikify day trip options
  5. tumbleweed to get an insurance quote for on-site equipment
  6. indiebio to cotact G4S for security quote
  7. indiebio to contact insurance people for options?
  8. nattie and indiebio catch up on Fuller, room allocations
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