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[edit] Agenda

(Public holiday in SA)

  1. Sponsor invoices: status, general sponsors team feedback
  2. Sponsors push, 40+ companies from DC15 not yet contacted!
  3. CMC (UCT's conference management centre)
    1. Invoicing attendees - status at CMC, any blockages?
    2. Insurance report back - "As I am aware UCT pays large sums of money every year for a comprehensive public liability insurance cover. I believe that this covers personal injury - eg if someone slips and hurts themselves. Michael is this correct? [No response yet, asked again] As far as theft - computers or infrastructure that get stolen - the university won't cover this. I recommend that you hire in extra security with G4S for the duration of your conference and that the security patrol the areas of your conference. The buildings are public buildings and so there is no way of stopping general access to the buildings but extra security will help."
  4. Website - general feedback
    1. Contact / Press page, with flyer link and general press release
  5. Room allocations, bathrooms - see Fuller email (lurker link - how do I find that?? sent to registration@.. on 21 April) Next actions, requirements?
  6. Catering
  7. Deadlines - revisit and inform attendees (find where this info was - wiki page?)
  8. T-shirts, conference bags, swag (This needs to be discussed at next weeks Meeting. Quotes, Designs, Posters and Lanyards, will be presented)
  9. Sponsor posters -> [DLange]: we don't print them. We just do one big one with gold+ logos and one roll-up / poster per room for behind the presenter's desk (platinum logo(s))
    1. Job fair posters: Who pays for their printing -> [DLange]: sponsors, they bring them along, usually roll-ups. No need for us to get involved
    2. Suggest using imago visual -
    3. fulfillment email ...
  10. General business
    1. Volunteers - any needed? Is there a procedure to work with them?
    2. (If there's time, general chatting about Open Weekend - wiki:, venue(s):

[edit] Minutes

[edit] Actions

  1. old timers, help out prodding old sponsors
  2. ginggs to see about swipe cards. If not successful, action indiebio to check on security.
  3. indiebio to prod michael @ UCT for security options
  4. indiebio to keep tabs on insurance
  5. indiebio to check on bulk insurance option for equipment
  6. ginggs to make visa info on a wiki page, video team to link to it/pull info onto website
  7. indiebio to prod superfly/highvoltage for press page, and make content on wiki
  8. indiebio and nattie to talk Fuller room allocation'
  9. indiebio to work Fuller info into wiki
  10. tamo to prepare a deadline list for next week
  11. tumbleweed and DLange to finalize accomm numbers
  12. indiebio to look at deadlines, ask cate, set dates.
  13. olasd is the cheese master
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