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[edit] Agenda

  1. Registration status (count, distribution sponsored vs. self paid)
  2. CfP communication
  3. Status VISA team (hvhaugwitz, azeem, ginggs as per 2015-12-02 meeting and ginggs volunteering on the team ML afterwards)
  4. Status invoice / contract housing and accom registration procedure. Options:
    1. Credit Card form (paper / PDF)
    2. VCS (shitty, but simple online credit card gateway)
    3. Click & Pledge
    4. Other US option (e.g. stripe) straight into SPI
  5. Status on catering booking
  6. Status conference rooms reservation on campus
    1. We have tweaks to make to the reservations
  7. Status on finances (budget, fundraising)
  8. CSV export capability of wafer for bursaries, consolidation with venue and other back-office stuff
    1. We have exports available, but there's a bug to fix
  9. Next steps
    1. Daytrip, Badges, t-shirts,
  10. FAQ page - is there a procedure? (can be taken off-line/after meeting)
  11. Publicity - can we make a email forwarder? ( - included in action for indiebio & larjona)

[edit] Minutes

[edit] Actions

  • tumbleweed to send CfP
  • dlange to update the budget and get the invoice to the SPI
  • tumbleweed to ask CMC about VCS for paymnet
  • budget food at R300 pp pd
  • tumbleweed to double-check food figures fit into the budget
  • indiebio to create a wiki page dersibing our reserved rooms
  • indiebio to find out about accessible rooms
  • tumbleweed to needle CLUG about sponsors
  • indiebio to catch up with larjona about the press release
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