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Website Sprint 7 October 18:00 UTC

Meeting Logs:


[edit] Wafer

[edit] People interested: (list website related skills please):

  • DLange (can code in python, js, html/css; testing),
  • madduck,
  • tamo (visual design)
  • superfly (html, css, responsive design, javascript, python, general web best practices),
  • hodgestar (wafer)
  • wendar (html, css, javascript, python, django and other webdev, deeply familar with the old Template Toolkit system used to host DC15 and prior years)
  • tumbleweed,
  • cate,
  • edrz, (django, python, html, css -- worked some on summit both years, testing, bug hunting. DebConf person on and off since dc7)
  • highvoltage,
  • indiebio (poker. content)
  • gwolf,
  • larjona (basic html and git)
  • Ganneff (DebConf admin since 2005 (after DC5))
  • nkukard (breaking things, badgers,security (time dependent) )
  • fil

[edit] External deadlines shaping this project (dates not confirmed, but likely, will be in that date proximity)

Expression of intent opens 18 January 2016 (basic forms, not all the info) Registration opens Saturday 2 April 2016 - website must be fully functional.

[edit] Internal deadlines

* To be updated: tumbleweed taking over poker capacity for website.
  • What stages need to happen until final website, and can we set soft deadlines for these, so that we know we will reach final system in time?
    • what can already be done
    • what needs to be implemented
    • and how one would implement each feature, along with
    • a conservative time estimate.

[edit] Wafer Links

[edit] What are the tasks involved?

  • Get a VM to host the system (DLange asked Ganneff to provide a VM on DebConf infrastructure)
    • We should really have 2 VMs for production and testing/QA.
  • Design look and feel (highvoltage, superfly, tamo - deadline in two weeks)
  • Content (ongoing)
  • Content matrix ( - like a site map, superfly (might need help)
  •  ???

[edit] Other website related things

[edit] Design

[edit] Overall structure of website

[edit] Content (pre-written and matrix)

* ?

[edit] Placeholder static site

and goes to wiki (indiebio's fault) needs to be fixed.

[edit] Brochure

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