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This is a temporary page to evaluate different food options.

The page that will give eventual Catering and food information for attendees can be found here:


[edit] Food quotes from bid stage:

[edit] UCT accommodation option

  • Quality may be low
  • May likely be most economical option.
  • Using UCT catering for breakfast (as part of accommodation contract
  • Rates:
    • Breakfast R46.00
    • Mid-morning snack R26.00
    • Lunch R51.00
    • Packed Lunches R61.00
    • Dinner R59.00
    • Braai R138.00
  • "Our catering contractor does not cater for special dietary requirements e.g. vegan, kosher, strictly halaal, etc.

Guests with special dietary requirements can make arrangements with outside caterers to prepare their meals (off- site) and deliver them pre-packed and ready to eat at the residence."

[edit] UCT Club restaurant and pub

  • Contact person Matt Fox
  • Probably the most laid-back option, the best in-between option.
  • Restaurant can only deal with 130 seated people - but perfect for DebCamp. (Can also supplement DebConf?)
  • Pub can seat 40 max.
  • Awesome vibe, English pub sortof feel.
  • Caters largely for post-grad students and university staff, but with hearty meals. Good variety, but still basic.
  • Open during winter vac, we can choose exclusive or not, but also quiet during vac, so this is not a big issue.
  • "Yes we are willing to stock more local beer over that period."
  • Tea and coffee can be available throughout the day, the normal price is R 12.50 per person.
  • We can also offer packed lunches Delivered for Around R 60.00 per person.
  • Typical 2015 rates:
    • Club Buffet ...R75
    • Various pub lunch and a la carte options around R50
    • They could do dinner options too, I think.

[edit] Clare Bock, Appetite Catering

  • Likely best quality available, likely most expensive.
  • Meal times most flexible.
  • Very suitable for variety of dietary preferences, comes recommended.
  • Rough prices (probably excludes plates, tablecloths etc)
    • Sit down lunches R90 pp
    • Sit down dinners R175 pp
    • Delivery and setup R300 per day
    • Staff rates about R5100 per day (for waiters and supervisor etc)
    • Equipment, plates etc about R7000 for 5 days hire
    • Also has snacks, water, tea coffee options...
  • Clare is very communicative and professional.

[edit] Food trucks options, for all day snacks or variety of lunches

  • Most innovative, fun option
  • Probably most intense management required
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