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During DebConf we would like to display posters that explain the Debian Project, and/or highlight interesting projects and groups inside Debian to get more people involved in them, or are just impressive to look at and somehow related to Debian (data visualisations or whatever). Think art exhibition more than 'technical conference'.

Please include a way to get in touch easily (irc nick, email, etc) on the poster, it's unlikely that there will be a dedicated poster session where poor souls have to look desperate standing next to their posters.

Attendees are welcome to bring their posters along, or print them in Cape Town. We can even assist with presenting posters even if their people are not attending!

[edit] Printing in Cape Town

We have a limited budget, but we are willing to pay for some posters. This will be influenced by our ability to use them in the university context after DebConf. We would greatly appreciate some assistance in paying for the printing, but we can collect them from the printers, put them up, take them down again, and generally look after them.

We will be using Imago-Visual for the printing [1]. You can send your printing and pay online all through the website. (You are welcome to use other printers, but then you're on your own)

Please contact Bernelle at if you are interested in displaying a poster, or need information or help.

[edit] Optional poster template

If you would like to use a template:

[edit] List of posters

Posters to be displayed at DebConf: (Please add your poster title and contact details for interested viewers here, or even an image or link to download the poster, if you want to)

Poster Title Contact person/mailing list/website Description Image or download link
Debian at UCT indiebio/ginggs/tumbleweed A summary of Debian-related activities at UCT, will probably work better as a canvas and markers/paint
Debichem Michael Banck,, Debichem is a Debian Pure Blend targeted at Chemistry. The Debichem Team also maintains most of the chemistry-related packages in Debian, although some additional packages from other packagers or packaging teams are available in the Debichem metapackages
Debian infographic Claudio Ferreira An infographic showing Debian releases
* To do: Get updated versions (permission?) and info on these posters, work into the table:
** Website posters:
** Diagrams:
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