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[edit] Volunteer tasks

Please note these are all pending the bid being successful.

  • Lead a trip up Lion's Head
  • Coordinate the day trips
  • Lead a day trip...
  • Organise a day trip by train to AIMS / Muizenberg / Simon's Town
  • Organise a day trip of surfing, or penguin viewing, or a visit to the naval museum, or town, or ...
  • Coordinate the media releases, general media strategy coordinator
  • Coordinate / contribute to logo design, artwork for merchandise
  • Coordinate the look and feel of the concept, consistent style across all documents

Join the mailing list to find out more, or join the IRC channel:

And if these are unfamiliar to you, please email for assistance or more info.

[edit] Design brainstorming questions:

  1. When is the conference taking place?
  2. Where is it being held?
  3. I have researched the previous websites and they seem quite basic. Is the information on the Site all the information that must go onto the site?
  4. What is your target market?
  5. Could you give me please some “lingo” of words that are used quite frequently with developers.
    1. What are the favourite sayings/quotes/statements that are used? That are familiar with in the industry?
  6. Are we open to colours? or do you have any in particular that you would prefer? Cape Town is rather vibrant so was thinking of rather warm colours?
  7. I see in all your websites you have a theme of a mountain/town of where the conference is being held would you like me to keep that theme going?
  8. Do you have any “holy cows” you mentioned the swirl? What is the swirl? Is it a logo? or an important icon? What does it represent?
    1. Are there any fonts in particular that you would like to use? or do we have a free rein here?
  9. Please let me know more about your target market i.e.: are they conservative, contemporary, serious but like a bit of fun, are they “nerdy” about coding? Like I would be “nerdy” about design. etc...
  10. Is there a theme for the Conference that things a centred around or are we free to come up with ideas?
  11. Marketing Material: would you need:
    1. Visual Aids to introduce your speakers?
    2. Customised Pencils and pads?
    3. A name tag on a string to go around the neck?
    4. We could do T-shirts for delegates or for them to buy.
    5. Banners (standing ones/roll up) Maybe at the entrance or at the registration desk. (standard size or please specify)
    6. A programme or line up of speakers and events? if so what size? Anything else you could think of?
  12. Will there be a party to end the conference?
  13. Is there any other info you can supply me with about the conference or about previous conferences that stood out the most? Anything that should be avoided?
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