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[edit] Auxiliary activities

Should the bid to host DebConf16 in Cape Town be successful, these are some activities that would be considered:

[edit] Potential speakers for Debian Day

Name Reason Comments, Contacts
Mark Shuttleworth Ubuntu Founder Cape Town native, great 'in' into Debian?
Stefano? SAn Debian Developer "Doing Debian in South Africa"
DIYBio person? Talking about the free/open mindset in biology indiebio's agenda on bringing bio and IT closer...
Thomas King and Wouter Klapwijk Debate! About openness in SA universities Education focus into DebianDay, with a bit of controversy to boost ratings :)
new entry
new entry

[edit] Public engagement initiatives

(to be developed on separate pages if bid is successful)

  • Logo competition: Two sets, one open call, and one where the debian spiral needs to be included. Action required: Need a clear brief that is translatable to creatives.
  • Hack Challenge: Open call to hack anything. Targeted at beginners and school learners. Sponsored prize, possibly to align with a company corporate social responsibility (CSR) component.
  • Hack Challenge Pro: Sponsor companies give a specific, clearly articulated challenge which they are willing to assist with and advise. The company picks the winner, and sponsors the prize, and gets to use the solution in their company. (indiebio will make a mock-up for her industrial biotech company to illustrate the concept).
  • Media Strategy: Print (needed at least 3 months in advance) and online publications. Possibly also radio, TV, various channels.

[edit] Other Cape Town Bids

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