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For families planning to stay at guest houses or hotels, see: External Accomodation for a list of places to stay outside of UCT.

UCT upper campus is 15km away from the airport and a well-known landmark in the city
Fuller hall's location in the UCT upper campus


[edit] Directions to the venue

Directions to the venue are available at DebConf16/Directions

[edit] Cost

Accommodation costs roughly ZAR300 (about USD20) per day, including breakfast. Food (technically lunch+dinner) is also ZAR300. Bookings is through the registration website.

[edit] Housing

(Bring comfortable warm layers of clothes for indoors as dorms are colder than expected by many. Out-door layers are less crucial except when it rains. Daytime sun can be quite warm. DebConf16/Clothing_and_Dress_code 19:33, 1 July 2016 (UTC))

The accommodation is in the Fuller Hall residence in the southeastern part of the UCT upper campus. About distances between accomodations, hack labs and talk rooms: There are hacklabs downstairs from some of the living accommodations. The conference areas and talk rooms are about 3 buildings away and up the hill. There is no elevator in Fuller.

Fuller residence flat layout

There are a very limited number (5) of double rooms, but we do have permission to move single beds from adjacent rooms to make more double rooms. All the beds, even in the double rooms, are single beds. Fuller Hall normally houses 229 female students mostly in individual rooms with shared bathrooms on each floor. [A typical way to work out mixed genders is to alternate bathroom genders per floor.]

Bathrooms layouts are:

  • 10 Room flats (A, B, C, F, G, H, J, K, L, O, P and Q Flats) - separate bath and showers on the ground floor. Separate toilet and basin room on 1st and second floor except M Flat which has a separate toilet and basin room on the first landing and a separate toilet and basin room on the second landing. Bath and shower in the same room on the second landing.
  • 19 Room flats (D,E and N Flats) - Ground floor, separate shower and bath. First Floor; separate toilet and basin room. Second Floor Separate Toilet and basin room. Third Floor; separate toilet and basin room. Shower and bath in the same room.
  • I Flat - At one end of the passage; one room with two showers and a toilet in the same room (Toilet is a separate room in the bigger room).

Room layouts are:

  • A, B, C, F, G, H, J, K, L, O, P and Q Flats - 2 rooms on the ground floor. 4 rooms on both the first and second floor
  • D, E and N flats - 4 rooms on the ground floor. 5 rooms on the first, second and third floors. The M flat belongs to this group but with the warden's flat taking up the two lower floors
  • I flat is special - it's one corridor in the 3rd floor

A few more details about Fuller Hall and other residences at the UCT upper campus are available at the UCT website.

[edit] House Rules

  • To Be Determined

[edit] Facilities

[edit] Laundry

A drop-off laundry service is currently operating out of Fuller reception during weekdays. Service forms and bags can be picked up at any time from the reception counter. Return those before 9AM, and they will be delivered back on the same day. Pricing is R50 for a 5kg bag of dirty clothes. Laundry markers are available to facilitate mingling of loads, see Nattie in Orga.

[edit] Power

Type M / BS546 socket. Rated 15A
South African power strips usually have outlets for the 2 prong euro plugs. If you have such a cable for your computer, it might be a lot more convenient than using a bulky adaptor.
  • South Africa uses 230V power with a Type M 3 pin socket
  • This socket adapter is incompatible with US and European plugs, but 2-pin euro-plug adaptors are available in all supermarkets (most small appliances are sold with euro-plugs).
  • DebConf16 frontdesk has had a small number of sockets for sale during DebCamp. R50 for an international one and R15 for a european one. ("very nearly out of european ones" 2016-07-01)

[edit] Internet

  • Which access point(s) to use and the difference between them
    • debconf16
    • debconf16-nat
    • etc
  • All areas used by debconf and debcamp are being supplied wifi, and/or other Internet access.
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