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Meetings take place on #debconf-video on the OFTC irc network.

[edit] 2015-07-01 18:00 UTC DebConf15 videoteam meeting

2015-07-01 Meeting Summary


  • Introduction round
    • Who are you? Experience? Which software stack? DebConf "Privileges"? Your plans?
  • Who is in touch with orga-team?
    • What has been discussed / should be discussed?
  • Hardware
  • Logistics
    • What has to be delivered/shipped?
    • Who take care of what? When?
  • Network
    • What's the status? Anything need attention now?
  • Money/Budget
    • During the last the meeting in March, the budget was estimated to 1K by RichiH/wouter/tumbleweed for shipping.
    • Who can give an update?
    • Anything else to add tho the budget?
  • Software Stack
    • Who?
    • Intro for newbies: The software stack typically address: live production, managing volunteer shifts, review, encoding/publishing. We also pull data from DebConf schedule.
    • Which software were used last time (DebConf14, Fosdem15)?
    • Which software are we going to use?
    • #agreed live production:
    • #agreed managing volunteer shifts:
    • #agreed review software:
    • #agreed encoding/publishing software:
    • Who knows how to install/configure the laptop? where is the doc?
    • Who knows how to install/configure the encoding/publishing stuffs? where is the doc?
    • Who knows how to install/configure the review server? where is the doc?
    • Who can update the setup diagram?
    • other?
  • Setup
    • Who?
    • What privileges needed/missing?
    • When?
  • Any other business ?
  • Next meeting?
  • Who writes meeting summary?

[edit] 2015-03-12 DebConf15 videoteam Kickoff meeting

2015-03-12 Meeting Summary

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