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We have 32 beds optionally booked at the hostel until 27 August, in case some of you want to stick around post-DC15. Please add yourself to the following table to register for these beds. Unclaimed beds will be surrendered mid-July.

Prices are available from (first row) e.g. 27.40 € for the first night with just breakfast. Single/double room surcharge is 11 €/night.

# beds Name Contact info Departure Purpose (in case you want to share…) Requirements
1 madduck 2015-08-27 This is just a template for now… I need a single room and a vertical bed
1 nkukard 2015-08-26 Hangover156, Post-debconf cleanup
1 noahfx 2015-08-24
1 cts 2015-08-24
1 lfilipoz 2015-08-24 leaving early (07:00) on the 24th for FRA
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