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[edit] Urgent

[edit] Normal

[madduck] Rugby pitch

[edit] Done

[edit] 2015-08-14

[marga] Ice cream
[nkukard] when are the sheets changed? what must we do to get them changed? (some attendees are sensitive to dust)
Saturday and Wednesday, to be sent in announcement
[madduck] C&W outside possible?
[madduck] 10 zusätzliche Tische unter HD
if required, we'll use inside tables underneath HD
[madduck] can we move the beer wagon "over there"
test it first for a day and then we'll see
[madduck] dunkles weizen beer
not possible to obtain without bottles, which we don't want

[edit] 2015-08-13

[madduck] Post-conf dinner bar
only the bistro open
[tassia] soy/rice milk for breakfast, veggie handling
[marga] Information about bikes?
No bikes, nextbike might be worth looking at, tassia will also look
[madduck] cleaning tables
to be done every morning at 6. also they will leave a bucket

[edit] 2015-08-12

[maxy] Flip-chart refills from where?
Pickup from reception
[madduck] sports pitch opening times?
Inquired Tuesday instead
[nkukard] can under heidelberg I-III be declared a non-smoking area for people sensitive to smoke?
[tassia] two people to serve per station?
Their experience says it won't be any faster

[edit] 2015-08-11

A wasp's nest on the east building site
Some ash trays in the beergarden
[nkukard] Bar needs more glasses, they were out of glasses multiple times
Everything will change tomorrow (incl. beer prices)
during Debconf — Can we open some of the doors which are alarm secured for easier getting from inside to outside? For e.g. FT3 and FT6
Yes, even during DebCamp
[nkukard] something must be done about that queue to lunch, maybe 2 people dishing up? or something. If they're this busy with this many people I doubt they will survive next week
Today was special with the rugby folks, but we'll have two queues in the future. And 3–4 shifts for lunch.
[madduck] Flammkuchen?
Will be provided

[edit] 2015-08-10

[RichiH] Is there a colder room in the basement for servers?
aircon is being organi
There are fixed projectors in Berlin&London and Amsterdam II. The 4th mobile projector we cannot have before Friday
[madduck] Power supplies beergarden and under HD
[nkukard] we need 2 plug strips outside to plug into the venues extension cable
Being procured
[madduck] Musical instruments
Where do we want them?
[madduck] Mounting banners
Anytime we want…
[madduck] Handling people who have paid in advance
We send them a diff
[marga] Can we get power and beer benches under HD
[marga] ice cream/frozen yoghurt?
We'll try offering some froyo for 2,50 € and if it works out, then there'll be more (and maybe a different price)
[nkukard] People are moaning that cups run out in the coffee machine
noted and passed on
[nkukard] When more people arrive the venue must think about refilling the vending machines faster
noted and passed on
[maxy] We could really use a 4th projector, can we have it?
Not before Friday
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