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[edit] Materials needed

[edit] Ordered

  • Stickers for conf-dinner [madduck: already ordered]
  • Possibly more badge holders (we have 1.000 lanyards, but only 550 badge holders ordered so far) [DLange: upped to 750. done]
  • Laminator 163683 [madduck: done]
  • Laminator pouches 162753 [madduck: done]
  • Cutting machine 160033 [madduck: done]
  • A4 copier paper 182485 (more expensive, but equipped with a blue angel) [madduck: done]
  • 5x White pen to write on black, edding 750 (Schäfer #10405) [madduck: done]
  • 5x Black edding 3300 (Schäfer #10707) [madduck: done]
  • 10x (=1 pack) Kreppband to mark booths space on the floor for sponsors and jobfair (Schäfer #882226, order 10x15mx19mm width) [madduck: done]
  • 5x Tesa Universal schwarz (Kabelsicherung, Stolpersicherung) Schäfer #73866 50m each (I hope that's gaffer tape, rather than Duct tape -- FYI Tesa's product no for Gaffer Tape is 53949 -- if not we need some gaffer tape too, and permission to leave sticky gunk behind where the duct tape gets used ~ fil) [madduck: done]
  • Whiteboard pens [madduck: done]
  • Scissors 3 in one pack (Schäfer #186105) [madduck: done]
  • Quittungsheft [madduck: done]
  • Toner for the laser printer (Schäfer: #183492; Manufacturer: TK-580K)
  • Printer for ad-hoc badges (formorer offered two brother label printers which are quite ideal for this)
  • 2x Dymo 45020, SKU S0720600 (12mm white on transparent) for formorer's Dymo Labelmanager 280. Not available at Schäfer shop but for <11€ from Amazon resellers. for other supplies for that device
  • cord (Kordel, best Polypropylen, at least 5kg tearproof) Not available in Schäfer shop, order elsewhere
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