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[edit] Hacklabs

[edit] Inside

  • Paris (passing through room, no expectation of quietness, but please be quiet youself)
  • Zürich (available from the 18th, Tuesday)

Expected to be quiet rooms:

  • Lissabon (B-222, above Amsterdam)
  • Fernsehraum (at corridor outside Amsterdam on the 1st floor, follow the signs towards C building)
  • Athens (A-314, from Monday afternoon)

[edit] Outside

  • Under Heidelberg (non smoking)
  • Biergarten (smoking allowed)

[edit] Hacking Areas

In general, the whole hostel is a hacking area, but the following are designated hacking areas:

  • Outside Amsterdam
  • Outside Paris

[edit] From Sunday

  • Outside Heidelberg 1-3
  • Lobby
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