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The daytrip will be on Wednesday, 19th.


[edit] Proposals

[edit] Overview

what weather nr. of pers. accessible transport other cost guides
Speyer, Historical Tour OK-ish < 30/group yes 6.25€ (train) 3.5€ (Dom) thkoch
Speyer, Technik Museum OK no limit yes 15.5€ incl. entrance
Dilsberg Castle tour OK-ish 25-30/group no ~15 EUR/9 EUR ~4 EUR
forrest climbing see below ask for >50 no  ? 9.9 - 11.9€
Hiking no no limit no 0 0 mkraft?
Kayak no > ~6, < ~50 maybe 3.62€ ~20€
beer brewery OK > 10, < 120/group @TODO 0 - 3.3€ 9.5€
HD City OK-ish no limit maybe 0 0

Cost of a bus for 50 persons is around 550 € = min. 11€/pers.

[edit] Speyer

[edit] Historical Tour through Speyer

  • Speyer is one of the centers of European history and a lovely little town.
  • Entrance Dom, Krypta und Kaisergräber: € 3,50-
  • TODO: more details follow

[edit] Technik Museum Speyer

  • Technik Museum Speyer
  • The museum contains a large collection of vehicles: cars, motorbikes, ships, planes, helicopters, trains. I like the informative exhibition about space exploration with texts and exhibit about all major missions from all nations from all time.
  • opening hours: 0900 - 1800
  • admission fees:
    • adults: 14€, children 6 to 14 years: 12€
    • VRN-Erlebnisticket: adults: 15,5€, children 6 to 14 years: 12€ (group discount starting from 15 persons) incl. train
  • wheelchair accessibility: most parts of the museum are barrier-free (exceptions: the upper floors of the museum halls and some of the exhibits)
  • weather: OK

[edit] transportation

  • via public transport: ~ 1h 30min (two changes)
    • 5 person day ticket train: 31.20€ (6.24€/pers.)
  • by bike: Radtour HD->Speyer ~31km (bikes can be rented in Heidelberg and left in Speyer, renting starts with 2€/hour TODO: source?)
  • by (rented) bus: ~40min (~40km)

[edit] Boat tour to Neckarsteinach and tour to Dilsberg Castle

[edit] transportation

  • walking distance from youth hostel to pier Heidelberg (Kongresshaus Stadthalle): 3.5 km (~ 44min)
  • boat tour from Heidelberg to Neckargemünd/Neckarsteinach (~1h/~1.5h) - 8.5/9 EUR, 5/5.5 EUR children (group discount starting from 15 persons)
  • walking distance from pier Neckargemünd to Dilsberg Castle: ~4 km (1.5h - 2h), or via bus line 753 [:49] ~11min (Hanfmarkt, Neckargemünd - Vor dem Tor, Dilsberg)
  • walking distance from pier Neckarsteinach to Dilsberg Castle: 2.2 km (elevation gain ~200m) (1 - 1.5h)
  • return via public transport: Castle Dilsberg to youth hostel [:32] ~50min 3,9 EUR, 2,7 EUR children (line 753: Vor dem Tor, Dilsberg - Eisenbahnbrücke, Neckargemünd, S1: Neckargemünd Altstadt - Heidelberg Hbf - line 32: Heidelberg Hbf - Jugendherberge, Heidelberg)
  • alternative return via (rented) bus: ~30min (~19km)

[edit] castle dilsberg

[edit] forrest climbing

  • Climbing Forrest Viernheim
  • minimum age: 6, minimum height: 1.2m (six-/seven-year-olds are only allowed to climb in green parcours near the ground), maximum weight: 130kg
  • 11.90€ for 3 hours (9.90€ for 2 hours), cash payment, no subsequent extension/reduction possible
  • groups should preregister
  • opening hours: 1000 - 1900
  • weather: closed during (thunder)storms or heavy rain (ask before by phone, if unsure)
  • transportation:
    • via public transport: ~1:30h (three changes), 4.76€/pers. (5 person day ticket)
    • by (own/rented) car/bus: ~30min (~25km)

[edit] hiking

  • Hiking in the woods / hills next to Heidelberg
  • TODO: planning

[edit] Kayak

kayaking on the Neckar, rather expensive ~20 Euro

[edit] kayak / kanu rent

[edit] fun trip, easy entertainment

The brewery "Zum Klosterhof" is just a short walk (6-7km) away from the youth hostel. We can go there by foot, bike or bus, learn about beer brewery, taste three different beers and come back to the youth hostel. The brewery is located in the Neuburg Abbey which is also an interesting sight of its own.

  • walk (7km) to a nearby beer brewery "Zum Klosterhof" with beer sampling and informations about beer and brewery.
  • Bus 32 (:14, :34, :54) -> Bismarkplatz, change (4min) -> Bus 34 -> Stift Neuburg -> 5min walk, total 30 min, 16,40€ / 5 Pers = 3.3€, 2*2.4€ / Pers = 4.8€
  • ~ 9.50 Euro per person

[edit] Transportation

  • walking distance from youth hostel to Heidelberg Central Station: 2.3 km (~29 min)

[edit] by city / region

[edit] Heidelberg

[edit] places of interest

[edit] activities

  • Neckar river round trip with solar ship (50 minutes)
  • firebowl (walking distance) bowling, billiard, kicker

[edit] Mannheim

[edit] arrival

  • direct S-Bahn from Heidelberg, 13 minutes
  • 21,5 km by bike

[edit] places of interest

  • Technoseum a very impressive museum about technic history
  • Planetarium Mannheim
  • lunch could be taken in the radio tower providing a view over the exceptional city architecture
  • KZ Gedenkstätte Sandhofen
    • 39 minutes with tram from Mannheim Hbf

[edit] Neustadt an der Weinstraße

[edit] arrival

  • 46 min by car
  • ~1h by train

[edit] places of interest

[edit] Speyer

[edit] arrival

  • direct S-Bahn from Heidelberg, 43 minutes
  • 24,3 km by bike

[edit] places of interest

[edit] etc

[edit] unordered

Some leads here:,Lde/HD/Erleben/Freizeitangebote.html

Maybe has some leads?

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