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[edit] Dilsberg Castle (Fortress Ruins)

  • opening hours: 1000 – 1730
  • wheelchair accessibility: no
  • baby stroller: there are cobblestones in the castle, some parts of the guided tour are not passable with a stroller (eg winding staircases up to the castle walls or the subterranean passageway in the depths of the well)
  • cost: 13€ (adults), 9€ (children 5 to 14 years)

[edit] schedule

[edit] way there

  • 0915 departure 'DJH'
  • ~0940 arrival 'pier Heidelberg'
  • 1000 departure boat tour (example views: one, two)
  • 1125 arrival Neckarsteinach
  • 1145 departure 'pier Neckarsteinach'
  • ~1215 arrival 'Dilsberg castle'

[edit] guided tour

  • 1300 1.5h guided tour (2xEnglish/2xGerman)

[edit] way back

  • 1600 departure 'Dilsberg castle'
  • ~1640 arrival 'DJH'

[edit] Sign-Up

  • infants (up to ~3 years old) sit on the lap of a parent; please add your infant to your own sign-up (eg '<your name> (+ 1 infant [age 2])')
  • children (up to 14 years old) need to indicate the age in the 'child (age)' column (eg 'yes (9)')
  • older children and adults say 'no' in 'child (age)' column
  • If you are an orga team member and want to help take care of bus, put yourself into the RESERVED space and mark yourself as (bus master). Involves checking off people on departure and possibly collecting money.

[edit] Bus: Dilsberg 1

Bus: Dilsberg 1
# guided tour: Group 1 (German) child (age)
1. Hannes von Haugwitz (bus master) no
2. Judith von Haugwitz (+ 1 infant [15 months]) no
3. Ralf Treinen no
4. Bernhard Link no
5. Jana W. janapirat no
6. Kristoffer Rose no
7. Martin Steigerwald no
8. Sven Haardiek no
9. Christian T. Steigies no
10. Kåre Thor Olsen no
11. Felix Zielcke no
12. Matthias Klumpp no
13. Sven Bartscher no
14. David Bremner no
Bus: Dilsberg 1
# guided tour: Group 2 (English) child (age)
1. Abhishek Bhattacharjee no
2. Mohit Bhakkad no
3. Ondřej Surý (+ 1 infant [age 0,5]) no
4. Kateřina Surá (+ 1 infant [age 2,5]) no
5. Brian Gupta no
6. Marie Anne Mastrovito no
7. Maya Gupta yes (12)
8. Vijay Gupta yes (10)
9. Edward Betts no
10. Andrew Ayer no
11. Luca Filipozzi no
12. Aigars Mahinovs no
13. -- free seat --
14. Heena Sirwani no
15. Alberto Bertogli no
16. Juan Rossi no
17. Julia Tappa no
18. Margarita Manterola no
19. Martín Ferrari no
20. Maximiliano Curia no
21. Melisa Halsband no
22. Sebastián Galletto no
23. Leandro Lucarella no
24. Paul Liu no
25. Catherine Nonet no
26. David Prévot no
27. Tammy Manning no
28. Rémi Vanicat no
29. Bdale Garbee no
30. Víctor Cuadrado Juan no
31. RESERVED (Noah Swartz) no
32. Yutaka Niibe no
33. Hitoe Niibe no
34. Hiroshi Niibe yes (7)
35. Ayumi Niibe yes (5)


[edit] Bus: Dilsberg 2

Bus: Dilsberg 2
# guided tour: Group 1 (German) child (age)
16. Rhonda D'Vine no
17. Ivan Udovichenko no
18. Robert Schüttler no
19. J. Fernando Lagrange no
20. Hermógenes Oliveira no
21. Uli Scholler no
22. Gert Wollny no
23. Philipp Kaluza (bus master) no
Bus: Dilsberg 2
# guided tour: Group 3 (English) child (age)
1. Komal Sukhani no
2. Thiago Ribeiro no
3. Lucas Kanashiro no
4. Graham Inggs no
5. Bernelle Verster no
6. Olivier Berger no
7. Sandeep Sukhani no
8. Valessio Brito no
9. Andrey Rahmatullin no
11. Larissa Reis no
12. Brett Johnson no
13. Cédric Boutillier no
14. Olga Alexandrova no
15. Ming-ting Yao Wei no
16. Jonathan Bustillos no
17. Wouter Verhelst no
18. Aron Xu no
19. Eugene V. Lyubimkin no
20. Monica Righini no
21. Francesco Poli no
22. Julián Moreno Patiño no
23. Alba Crespi no
24. Moray Allan no
25. Molly de Blanc no
26. Valerie Young no
27. Asheesh Laroia no
28. Chen Baozi no
29. YunQiang Su no
30. Norvald H. Ryeng no
31. Adam Borowski no
32. Raphael Geissert no
33. Michael Aday no
34. Ethan Aday (Michael Aday's child) 10 years
35. Eder L. Marques no

[edit] Waiting list

You could add yourself to a German group and simply choose not to tag along, but visit the castle yourself. If you want to do this, please move yourself from the waiting list and into the appropriate group.

Alternatively, the DebConf15/DayTrip/Speyer option still has many free seats.

guided tour: German
# guided tour: English child (age)
1. Laszlo Boszormenyi no
5. Ming-ting Yao Wei no
6. Eugene Zhukov no
7. Ritesh Raj Sarraf no
8. YABUKI Yukiharu no
9. Manoj Srivastava no
10. Jimmy Kaplowitz no
11. Lynn Christofanelli no
12. Harsh Daftary no
13. Mohit Kumar no

[edit] Wrap-Up

Things Learned from the Visit of Dislberg Castle

  • Save your sourcecode. Make backups. Share your knowledge.
    • Dilsberg Castle was never destroyed in a war. It was left unattended though, and then torn down bit by bit and its pieces used elsewhere (for other buildings). One day people reconsidered (gee, we have this cool castle, what a waste, tourists would love it) and then tried to build it back up. But the original plans were lost, and there were only a few pictures from the outside. Building plans (if they ever existed) were lost in a fire in Heidelberg castle). (What can be seen today is thus a mix of original and (creatively) rebuilt walls.)
  • It's cool to think up imaginative solutions. You will live longer while getting things done.
    • The castle cistern had to be doubled in depth because there wasn't enough capacity. Unfortunately working at the bottom wasn't especially healthy (no air, no good, you die), so they dug a parallel passageway through the mountain for oxygen and created a clever setup including a lit fire and a large frame with damp cloth to make sure the fresh air came down the well, passed by the workers and then exited out the air duct.
  • Change is possible: People can change and free themselves at the same time.
    • Two villages were relocated to form what is now the Dilsberg village. To make people cooperate and move their entire village, they were relieved from serfdom when they moved to Dilsberg.
  • Sometimes changing your entire system takes a bit of getting used to and can bring on some hard times.
    • There was no fresh water for the first 500 years except for rain water (no well, oh well).
  • Debian developers are real people.
    • They can even look like tourists. ;-)
DebConf by boat
Waiting for castle bootup
Looking right
Looking left
More tourists
Some more days to go...
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