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You have the option to buy coupons at the reception for 20 €. Unused credit will be refunded. The benefit is cash-less consumption and it's quite likely that the bistro will stop accepting cash during DebConf.

For the moment, those coupons can only be purchased with cash, but card payment is in the works.

[edit] Beer (Welde Premium Pils - local)

  • Beer, glass 0.4l 2,00€
  • Wheat beer, glass 0.4l 2,00€
  • Non-alcoholic beer, bottle 0.33l 2,00€

[edit] Soft drinks

  • Fritz Cola, bottle 0.33l 2,00€
  • Club Mate, bottle 0.5l 2,00€
  • Apple spritzler, glass 0.4l 1,50€
  • Lemonade (lemon), glass 0.4l 1,50€
  • Orange Juice, glass 0.4l 1,50€
  • Mineral water, sparkling, glass 0.4l 1,00€
  • Mineral water, bottle 1.0l 2,50€

[edit] Wine (Winzergenossenschaft Schriesheim - local)

  • White wine, bottle 1.0l 9,00€
    • Riesling or Weissburgunder
  • Red wine, bottle 1.0l 11,00€
    • Spaetburgunder, dry
  • Wine spritzer, glass 0.4l 2,50€
    • sweet or sour
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