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[edit] Priority List

  • "affordable" for both sponsors and attendees
A Debconf in Venezuela is expensive. Hotel prices (even 4-3 stars) are not as competitive as expected. Our best choice is to choose a government controlled chain to reduce costs by getting local sponsoring.
  • strong, mature, experienced local team
The major part of our team has expirience organizing large local/international FOSS events and have attended several DebConfs. The local team has 3 Debian Developers, 3 Debian Maintainers, and many other users/collaborators.
  • good working spaces
Two conference rooms and a hacklab will be available. These rooms are equipped with air conditioning, sound system, wireless/wired connectivity, movable chairs and standard projectors.
  • excellent network connectivity
The network connectivity will be provided by the major ISP in Venezuela, which is also government controlled. There should be no problem with the upload/download bandwidth and all rooms will have wireless/wired connection.
  • quality and quantity of food and drink in close proximity
There will be enough food for everyone. Venezuelan traditional food will be served on hotel facilities, and also several food stands can be found at few meters from the Hotel.
  • suitable accommodation in close proximity
Acommodation and Conference facilities are in the same place. You'll just have to walk a few meters from/to your room.
  • presentation facilities
Standard projectors, boards and markers will be available for talks and BOFs.
  • travel logistics
Several buses will be placed on Maiquetía Airport (Caracas) to travel to Puerto La Cruz, which is 6h away. Other routes can be used too.
  • accessibility
The hotel is well equipped with ramps, bathrooms and other accessibility structures. There is also trained personnel to guide people with visual impairment.

[edit] Weak points of the Puerto La Cruz bid

The main issue with Puerto La Cruz (and Venezuela in general) is the cost of life. Inflation and currency exchange control have impacted negatively in the prices of some of the areas surrounding DebConf activities. Another weak point would be the additional logistic regarding the entering/leaving of foreign capital to the country, which should be handled with special dedication.

[edit] Strong points of the Portland bid

Portland prices are very competitive. Taking advantage of the facilities of a State University and its residences is definitely a strong point.

Having long term Debian members on the team who are well aware of Debian policies, internal procedures and traditions, also helps in knowing in advance which things are appropiate and which are not.

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