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[edit] Details

[edit] general

[edit] wired

  • Wired network is expected to be, inbound filtered.
  • all our networks will plugin to PSU for upstream
  • switches in hacklabs
  • general conference network
  • separate dedicated video network (ideally physically separated, no vlans, we should have enough equipment for this)
  • PSU has dhcp on their network we could use
  • in theory all the wired network IPs will be public IPs (but filtered inbound)

[edit] wireless

  • we are using PSU's wireless network
  • Wireless network ESSID will be "PSU-Guest", and requires daily activation via an email confirmation.
  • it's some sort of captive portal, kees has asked if the captive portal timeout could be increased
  • we're not supposed to setup our own APs
  • supposedly we can give them a list of MACs to skip it

[edit] Attendee Information Blurb

The "PSU-Guest" wifi network is available for use. This network is IPv4 only, behind NAT, so no inbound connections are possible, and outbound filtering blocks port 25. It uses a captive portal that requires daily activation via email. After connecting, open a browser and connect to whatever HTTP site you want. When prompted, fill out:

   First Name
   Last Name
   Phone (use "503-000-0000" if you need to)
   Email (use "" if you need
          to, which will auto-activate for you each day)

Next read and accept the terms of use. Finally, for activation, "Register by email" is recommended, since it makes the network available for 10 minutes to give you time to receive email and follow the confirmation link. If remote connections do not work, you may need to reconnect to "PSU Guest" first to get rid of the temporary 10.x.x.x address assignment.

In the hacklabs, the wired network is also available from the 100Mb switches via DHCP, and is IPv4 only. These are public addresses, with inbound blocked, and outbound is blocking port 25.

The nearest Debian Archive mirrors are:

[edit] Layout Plan

100Mb will be available on at least 1 port in each of the following rooms:

  • SMSU 327/8 (talks)
    • 1 100Mb switch
    • video team
      • 5-port GigE switch dedicated
      • gigE cable back to SMSU 323
  • SMSU 329 (talks)
    • 1 100Mb switch
    • video team
      • 5-port GigE switch dedicated
      • gigE cable back to SMSU 323
  • SMSU 338 (talks) (location to be finalized on Aug 18th)
    • 1 100Mb switch
    • video team
      • 5-port GigE switch dedicated
      • gigE cable back to SMSU 323
  • SMSU Ballroom (plenaries, opening and closing days only)
    • 1 100Mb switch
    • video team
      • 5-port GigE switch dedicated
      • gigE cable back to SMSU 323 (possibly borrowed from 338)
  • SMSU 333 (hacklab)
    • 2 100Mb switches (pref GigE)
  • SMSU 238 (hacklab)
    • 2 100Mb switches (pref GigE)
  • SMSU 323 (data center)
    • 1 100Mb switch (pref GigE)
      • video team
        • 1 DHCP/DNS server
        • 1 GigE switch

[edit] Equipment

[edit] have

  • gtuner and Keegan are bringing switches. switches will arrive by thursday noon
    • 8 - Cisco 3560 48 port 10/100 Switches
    • 4 - Cisco 2950 48 port 10/100 Switches
    • 2 - Cisco 2960 24 port 10/100 PoE Switches
    • All switches have two GigE uplink ports.
  • gturner and Keegan have wireless gear on standby
    • Several Motorola WS5100 controllers.
    • Couple dozen (or more) AP-300 access points.
  • kees is bringing (thursday noon):
    • label maker
    • zip ties
  • kees has ordered:
    • 1000' cat6 spool
    • 100 RJ45 heads
    • RJ45 crimper
    • cable tester
  • taggart has ordered:
    • 2 Universal power strips
    • 4 US power strips w/8" cords
    • some power adapters so attendees can plug their non-US power strips into US power
  • taggart is bringing:
    • 2 25' extention cables with triple outlet ends
    • 3 power strips with long cords
    • some long US-to-IEC and IEC-to-IEC cables for plugging in switches farther from outlets
    • a couple small 8 port gig switches
    • some prefab network cables, serial stuff, zip ties, crimper, cable ends, etc

[edit] needed?

  • power strips (needs estimation)
  • extention cords (some with triple outlet ends)
  • 5+ port GigE switches (minimum 4) (in theory, video team is bringing this)
  • 1 server for DHCP/DNS (pref package mirror, vorlon working on this and 2 drives)

[edit] notes

kees has the contact email/phone of the PSU network person (tamarack)

[edit] questions

what is the network in the dorm rooms?

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