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[edit] Roll Call

  • Gerald Turner
  • Tony Mancill
  • Vagrant
  • Kees Cook
  • Steve Langasek
  • Pat
  • Matto
  • Pietro
  • Patty Langasek

[edit] Agenda

[edit] Pre-meeting

  • Tony showed off the HP printed "banners". Look great!
  • Tony to give Matto deadline for poster/banner artwork
  • Patty to check with PSU on thermostat control in plenary rooms
  • Kees went over hardware needs

[edit] Solidifying plans for loaner hardware

  • Server
    • Box from Canonical as a loaner
    • bkerensa has a contact in Hillsboro that may have something to loan us
  • Switches
    • Gerald has access to MANY SWITCHES and will get them to Kees.
  • APs
  • Jrayhawk is a contact for server-setup and CAT

[edit] Get proper descriptions for the social events into summit

[edit] Work up the wiki pages for local info

[edit] Who needs parking passes and when

[edit] Shopping list

[edit] Badges

[edit] Team dinner?

[edit] Next Meeting

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