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Meeting at Portland State University at 6:30 pm PST on 20 May 2014 We were hosted by Dr. Bart Massey at Portland State University to meet and work on DebConf14 necessities.


[edit] Roll Call


  • Gerald Turner
  • Benjamin Karensa
  • Kees Cook
  • Bart Massey
  • Steve Langasek
  • Patty Langasek
  • Tony Mancill

[edit] Status Report on Attendee Registrations

  • Per Steve, we are approximately 5% under projected expected. Standard Deviation and correlation were not provided.
  • Registration is open in Summit

[edit] Status Report on Summit

  • Registration is open. Authentication issues with Alioth not integrating SSO as well as expected, but should be sorted out now. No current issues or complaints.
  • Sponsorship is now closed. Application cycle is finished and bursaries is working in Summit to rate the candidates for sponsorship.
    • Process to end originally 23 May, but likely going to be wrapped up 25 May 2014.
    • Steve is going to be out of town so can't provide reports after 24 May. But, Kees has access to everything and can help bursaries team in issues.
    • Steve will address reports before leaving to ensure most is completed, but Kees will handle last-minute requests and priorities.
  • Hacking needed for Reporting Sponsorship
    • Current requests from FAW:
      • Statistics and summaries
      • CSV export
      • At-a-glance grid for ranking priorities
      • Recording in summit sponsorship approval?
  • Steve made a call for helping with Summit over the next week.
    • Steve will put information for hacking on the mailing list for those who are available to help with hacking over the next 2 weeks.
  • Hacking needed for Call for Papers
    • Volunteer to help Steve - Kees
  • Hacking needed for Front Desk
    • Roommate change requests:
      • Associate roommate request with sponsorship table. Once sponsorship is closed (now), roommate information cannot be requested through PSU's interface.
      • As a result, roommate requests are needing to be manually added directly in the database.
    • Registration team needs to be able to directly register people without creating accounts in Alioth.
      • Don't want children registered in Alioth.
      • Discussed possibilities to get around non-attendee registrations to ensure correct headcount without requiring difficult hurdles.
      • 3 records need to be created/maintained with each registration. Manually doing this is a non-starter for Front Desk (as it stands now).
    • Gerald Turner to help. Patty to introduce to nattie.
  • iCal feed in Summit?
    • There is support today. Steve has been asked for penta xml support and xcal.

[edit] Actions

  • Kees to help with Call for Papers for Summit
  • Gerald to help with Front Desk Summit hacking.
  • TODO: iCal feed and xCal feed.

[edit] Local Information in wiki

  • Tony to talk to coworkers about putting up local PDX stuff.
  • Picture walk through to get to PSU from airport via MAX - Bart will help.
  • Due Early - mid August
  • Update outdated information as we find it!

[edit] Network Status

  • Kees has not heard back from Tamarack. Originally told we have 15 public ports. Everything sounded fine to PSU IT for running as many ports as we intend to.
  • Still waiting for testing opportunity.
  • Need wireless infrastructure hardware; need 3-6 access points.
    • Borrow from PSU? Ask Jonica, Dave Burns, etc. Bart to get Kees in touch.
    • Borrow switches from Free Geek?
    • Borrow equipment from Tony's employer?
    • We need to control and set up ourselves.
    • Need wired and wireless access capabilities.
    • Patty to get equipment list from Phil Hands.
  • Network Team

[edit] Actions

  • Steve to give volunteer options for networking
    • Phil Hands
    • Micah
  • BKarensa volunteers to help Kees, too.
  • Find a way to get equipment/put out a call for equipment.
  • Call for Equipment by July - what we don't have accounted for needs purchased.

[edit] Open IM regarding taking payments

  • Currently have 6% credit card transaction fee. On amounts we're discussing, the percentage could have a very dramatic impact on our coffers.
  • Paypal is not supported by SPI currently, but there are general concerns about it.
  • Stripe?
  • Square?
  • We do NOT want to handle payments through Front Desk if at all possible.
  • Dead link on Donations page currently.
  • Let Europeans pay to local European non-conversion currency for donations and payments, so there isn't interference with banking system.

[edit] Actions

  • Kees to get in touch with Stripe to get information about click and pay.
  • Need to update dead link on site and maintain it.

[edit] Backup Venues for Conference Dinner

  • Conference Dinner Park Rental - Bart
  • Conference Dinner at OMSI?
    • Bart says to email Kristi about possibly getting a good deal through OMSI.
  • Kees to talk to a few people about indoor options, too.

[edit] Actions

  • Steve handshaked into OMSI, to find out possibilites.
  • Kees to send further OMSI contact information to Patty for investigation and quotes.
  • Kees to talk to others about more indoor options.

[edit] Walk through of DebConf for local volunteers/organizers

  • Next month, simulate conference.

[edit] Next Meeting Date

  • Need to meet more frequently, possibly every 2 weeks to end.
  • 3 June 2014, Lucky Lab SE, 6:30 pm
  • 17 June 2014, Lucky Lab SE, 6:30 pm
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