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Meeting at Portland State University at 6:30 pm PDT on 24 April 2014 We were hosted by Dr. Bart Massey at Portland State University to meet and work on DebConf14 necessities.


[edit] Roll Call


  • Gerald Turner
  • Bart Massey
  • Steve Langasek
  • Patty Langasek
  • Kees Cook

[edit] Meeting

[edit] Quick Meeting Discussions

  • Quick update on sponsorship vs budget (we're actually looking pretty well, but could use just a little more).
  • Bursaries team being formed by faw. Their deadline is moved to 25 May to give attendees 80 days to get travel plans booked.
  • Discussed bag options; Patty to post to list to confirm everyone's onboard.
  • Discussed conference dinner options. Patty to follow up with Cyrstal Ballroom on availability (unavailable; going to Plan B).
  • Discussed what rooms are being used for what aspects. Kees to document.

Next F2F is Tuesday 20 May, 130 FAB.

[edit] Hackathon on Summit

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