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Meeting at Portland State University at 6:30 pm PST on 12 March 2014 We were hosted by Dr. Bart Massey at Portland State University to meet and work on DebConf14 necessities.


[edit] Roll Call


  • Gerald Turner
  • Bart Massey
  • Steve Langasek
  • Patty Langasek
  • Tony Mancill

[edit] Meeting

[edit] Quick Meeting Discussions

General concern over sponsorship/budget shortfalls. Need more volunteers. PSU sponsorship? Contact Dean of College of Engineering’s office.

Bart and Patty checking on access to alioth for sponsorship; Steve confirms issues admin issues with alioth - working with tollef to resolve. Need to make sure RT is being used for sponsorship contacts and requests.

Summit running on Ubuntu 12.04; we’ll use that to base Summit and will work on porting to Debian if we have time and can still meet the 4/1 Registration opening deadline.

Talk proposals to go through Summit.

[edit] More Volunteers

Patty sent out a call for more sponsorship volunteers to the global team list.

[edit] Work Session

Work continued on getting Summit ready for an April 1st Registration Deadline.

[edit] Next Meeting

Next Local Meeting to be Thursday 24 April 2014 at Portland State University, FAB 130 (same room) at 6:30 pm again.

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