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Meeting at Portland State University at 6:00 pm PST on 22 January 2014 We were hosted by Dr. Bart Massey at Portland State University to meet and work on DebConf14 necessities.


[edit] Roll Call


  • Gerald Turner
  • Benjamin Karensa
  • Kees Cook
  • Bart Massey
  • Steve Langasek
  • Patty Langasek
  • Tony Mancill
  • Mark Brinkmann

[edit] Meeting

[edit] Contract Negotiations

Mark opened the meeting discussing the state of the contract with Portland State University; costs for housing have been decreased to balance the increased cost expectations for the venue. Steve confirmed the venue rooms included in the contract with Mark, and found a potential error in pricings. Mark will discuss with the venue manager and get that fixed; otherwise, contract looks good and all are prepared to sign it and deliver deposit.

[edit] Sponsorship

Benjamin gave a detailed state of the sponsorship team - we've not been getting much traction; not making headway, not getting responses from the anticipated higher-tiered sponsors. Many will not dedicate until they receive the Final Report. Tony suggested this may be due to end-of-year fiscal budgeting for several of the companies, and we should see more definitive responses in February from many of them. On the local end, Puppet Labs has indicated a desire to host a party and potentially donate at a lower tier. Gerald and Benjamin will discuss with them the wine and cheese party needs.

[edit] DC14 Budget

The estimated DebConf14 budget was discussed - our current targetted budget is $158,000USD. Specific breakdowns are available in svn.

We need to have a mailing list discussion to determine deadlines for sponsorship drives and "Do or Die" goals. Deadlines to be discussed are:

  • Sponsorship
  • Registration - current goal is to open in March
  • Funding - need to be confident of full funding for DebConf by end of June.

[edit] More Volunteers

Tony let us know that a few of his coworkers are interested in volunteer opportunities for DebConf14 local duties. We discussed fleshing out the local wiki page, some Day Trip planning, budgeting, and to stay tuned; many more opportunities will present themselves as we get closer to the date.

We definitely need more volunteers for Sponsorship - Bart requested to be added to the sponsorship team. Steve sent a message to Allison to get him added!

[edit] Work Session

We discussed the state of the Final Report, and paired down the Final Report, giving various sections to meeting attendees to review, make changes and publish to the Final Report. We spent the last hour of the meeting working on the Final Report.

[edit] Next Meeting

Next Local Meeting to be 12 Feb 2014 at Portland State University, FAB 130 (same room) at 6pm again.

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