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This is not a bid yet but just an attempt to form a local team.


[edit] Formalities

[edit] Why Martinique?

There will be no shoes. - | video about this bid (and others), the part explaining this in more detail starts at 00:30:00.

Tiny island in the Caribbean sea, part of France (as an overseas department), well connected to Europe via Paris (three or four flights a day, with three different companies), and connected with at least one flight a day (American Airlines, via San Juan, Porto Rico).

[edit] Problems

  • uplink (University's uplink is one third of the Island's, two or three other providers may be available)
  • no localteam yet
  • no venue

[edit] List of potential organizers

People interested to help in organization.

If possible, please also note the things you want and can do for DebConf14/Martinique preparation and execution, and how much time and energy you are willing to invest. Please be serious.

And please note your experience in organizing meetings, especially your work for previous DebConfs! We'll need that for the application as a venue.

  • Holger Levsen - DebConf volunteer since DebConf4, organizing the video team and various other stuff since DebConf5
  • David Prévot - DebConf attendee since DebConf11, lives in Martinique for several years, already coorganized other tinier events
  • cate - DebConf attendee since DebConf7, video team member, and organizers in DebConf12/DebConf13.

[edit] Communication

  • IRC: just #debconf-team on AKA OFTC for now, a dedicated channel will be used once needed
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