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[edit] The 10th Cheese and Wine party


[edit] When?

Monday 25th, from 7:00pm

[edit] Where?

The party will be hosted at Puppet Labs, 926 NW 13th Ave, Portland, OR 97209. Suite #210.

[edit] Why?

Cheese is Good For You. Wine also helps. This C&W is the 10th official DebConf Cheese and Wine party. The first C&W was improvised in Helsinki during DebConf 5, in the so-called "French" room.

Cheese and Wine parties are now a tradition for Debconf. The event is very simple: bring good stuff from your country, preferably cheese, wine and|or any other good stuff that can be drunk or eaten. Even if you don't bring anything, feel free to participate: our priorities are our users and free cheese.

Some bits from previous C&W:

[edit] Questions?

Write to the debconf-discuss mailing list.

[edit] Cheese Trip

Departure: Monday 25th, 18h. Meet at the Front Desk.

For people who would like to bring some cheese to the C&W but couldn't bring it from ${HOME}, we'll organize at least one cheese trip to a grocery store.

  • Pietro Monteiro's car:
    • Jean Schurger (jeansch) <>
    • Noah Meyerhans <>
    • <free>
  • Tony Mancill's car (if needed):
    • <free>
    • <free>
    • <free>
  • Gerald Turner's car (if needed):
    • <free>
    • <free>
    • <free>

Note: (TBD) While Cheese Bar looks like it has a good selection, it may be expensive, We could opt to go to a grocery store instead, e.g. Fred Meyers, Trader Joes, New Seasons. There is also a high-end grocery store called Zupans that is in Downtown Portland, near the Providence Park, easily accessible from PSU campus by city streetcar (tram).

[edit] FAQ

Can I participate to C&W (AKA eat and drink) if I couldn't bring anything?
A: Sure you can. No cheese control at entrance (however, see notes below). No "secret cheese cabal" checklist. But you can certainly find something to bring. No cheese? Maybe some nice bottle of <insert favourite $beverage here>. Or some nice thing to eat from your place. Whatever. Also please check the Cheese Trip item above.

Note: The venue sponsor, Puppet Labs, requires a list of attendees by Thursday, August 21st, therefore you must sign-up by checking the "Attend Cheese & Wine Party" checkbox in summit at by Wednesday, August 20th. You must also agree to their Code of Conduct,

Please also be aware that the legal drinking age in Oregon is 21, which is strictly enforced. While attendees of all ages are welcome at this event, you must be 21 years or older to participate in the wine tasting. In order to ensure you will be able to participate, please bring your ID with you to the event. (And feel free to use it for keysigning while there!)

I arrived at the venue, but I can't get in !
A: The party is on the second floor, the entrance is on 13th Avenue. Puppet Labs requires their door to be locked in the evening. We plan to have volunteers take shifts with someone posted at the door. In case you have trouble finding the entrance, or nobody is at the door, call Gerald Turner: 503-572-3179.

I couldn't bring anything from $HOME but would like to participate. Is there a way to do so?
A: You can help us! C&W helpers meetings will be indicate on this page and announced on debconf-announce.

I brought XXX and don't know where to store it
A: Student housing at the Broadway will have mini-fridges. As a backup, Gerald Turner will have a cooler on-site thru the weekend. Gerald Turner will be collecting cheeses and wines Monday afternoon, around 2PM, and transfering them to Puppet Labs.

I forgot what is it that I brought !
A: We'll try to track back what it is that you brought with you.

Anything I should do when bringing goods?
A: Please make sure it is labelled, either from its packaging or by a readable note from you.

[edit] Orga Team and tasks

  • Cheese Master
    • Gunnar Wolf
  • Cheese Assistants (Volunteers with tasks assigned until the C&W time)
    • Cheese collection (collecting cheese and wines from housing - at 13h):
      • Gerald Turner
    • Entry team (taking shifts welcoming people at ground level - from 19h to 22h):
      • Gerald Turner
    • Shopping:
      • Casey Kolakowski
    • Cleaning team:
      • Valessio Brito
    • Cheese labelling team (creates labels to put on cheese - meeting time TBD):
      • Tassia Camoes
    • Cheese cutting team (prepare and arrange stuff at the venue - from 18h):
      • Lucas Kanashiro
    • Leftovers collection team (taking care of the leftovers after the party:
    • Bread team:
      • Casey Kolakowski
    • Tools team (collects special knives, corkscrews, etc.):
  • Available volunteers aka wanabee Cheese Assistants (please add yourself to a team)
    • Nicolas Dandrimont <olasd>
    • Casey Kolakowski (local)
    • Asheesh Laroia <paulproteus>

[edit] Entry

Due to strict OLCC (Oregon Liquor Control Commission) policy, we will need to check ID's at the door and marking people that are 21 and over (suggestion is to use a pen and draw an X on the wrist). Furthermore each attendee that intends to pour wine must sign an OLCC Volunteer Server Form.

[edit] Serving

Again, due to strict OLCC policy, wine pouring will be limited to 1oz. (3cl) pours into 2oz. cups (provided).

[edit] Shopping list

  • barbecue sticks (for cheese labels)
  • Transparent film to store leftovers
  • toothpicks
  • plastic wrap or plastic bags
  • pen ("Sharpie") or stamp and ink for marking wrists of people 21 and over
  • breads/crackers (fresh, to be purchased on Monday)
    • Plain, baguettes, french bread
    • Gluten-free crackers

[edit] US Customs Regulations

Helpful CBP pages:

[edit] What did you bring?

Please add your entry in alphabetical order. Please choose one, two, or exceptionnally three, representative cheese from your place (list of cheeses. It is recommended to target pieces that can be cut in about 10/20 slices/portions/whatever each.

We will try to label stuff based on the information pasted on this list, so please put everything here!

(countries list not exhaustive: this is a copy/paste from last year's C&W)

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