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This is not a bid yet but just an attempt to form a local team. I had some informal discussions with Ganneff a few years ago about holding a future DebConf in the US and he was of the impression that it wasn't worth the effort. Now that DebConf 10 is being held in New York City, a US based DebConf bid isn't the necessarily a non-starter like it once was. I've also had discussions with other DebConf organizers about a possible DebConf 13 in Indiana. We need people that are willing to work actively on preparing the bid and organizing the conference and people that already have experiences with organizing a DebConf.


[edit] Formalities

[edit] Why West Lafayette?

2013 marks the 20th anniversary of Debian. Debian founder Ian Murdock was an undergraduate student at Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana, USA when he created Debian. It would be very fitting to celebrate Debian's 20th anniversary by holding DebConf (close to) where it all began. West Lafayette has numerous options for venues, both on and off the Purdue University Campus.

[edit] List of potential organizers

People interested to help in organization.

If possible, please also note the things you want and can do for DebConf13/WestLafayette preparation and execution, and how much time and energy you are willing to invest. Sure, more is better, but an hour/week is better than nothing - and it's surely better to tell less and later do more, than tell you will do much and later do nothing!

And please note your experience in organizing meetings, especially your work for previous DebConfs! We'll need that for the application as a venue.

  • Michael Schultheiss - DebConf 8 Travel Sponsorship Team, DebConf 9 Organizer (Budget Team, Travel Sponsorship Team), DebConf 10 Organizer (Localteam), Purdue graduate

[edit] Communication

  • IRC: #debconf13-purdue on AKA OFTC
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