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This is an unofficial visit during DebConf. Attendees should pay for food and transport, the visits at CERN are free. We plan to hire a bus for transport to CERN and during the CERN visit.

The visit is scheduled for Wednesday 14 August (time: 8h00), as alternative as most of DayTrip program.

Additionally we are programming a private visit to control rooms, computer rooms, filter/storage solution of some CERN experiments, etc. with local Debian users. Also here there will be a maximum number of attendees.

The preliminary program:

  • Breakfast starts at 7h00
  • 8h10: we leave Le Camp to CERN. Meeting point the bus on parking slot.
  • around 10h00: Visit to CC, followed to a visit to CCC (CERN Control Center); Discussion with CERN Debian users, etc.
    we can see one transparent Oracle tape drive, the museum part with some old stuff (Tim Berners Lee's 'server', you know...), and from the balcony the main computer room with ~9K PCs and ~60K spinning hard drives.
    By the way, during the Computer Center visit (and maybe during lunch time) there will be probably also somebody available from grid.
    Only for the first 38 people who selected IT visit. Free time for the other people (exhibition, gift shop, CERN sphere)
  • free time for lunch (e.g. on the CERN mensa), for gift shop, exhibitions, etc.; some other Debian interested people will join us for lunch.
  • 13h45: Standard CERN visit, possibly going in one LHC experiment site
  • Late afternoon we go to the port of Neuchatel, to embark to the boat for Conference dinner. (If there is not much traffic, we will have some free time in Neuchatel).

The fee are 35.00 CHF (pay it to cate, at front desk, as soon as possible). The average price for CERN mensa is 15 CHF (with beverage), ask cate if you want to join us (with some CERN people) in the mensa (alternatively you can have the lunch bag from Le Camp).


  • CERN is both in Switzerland and in France: Main entrance and site is in Switzerland; but CCC and most LHC experiment sites are in France, so you need to bring your passport (and to be able to travel in France, which should be automatic (e.g. with normal Schengen Visa), but if you have a very special status (and you should already know it), e.g. diplomatic passport, refugees, expelled from France, etc.)
  • We will return for conference dinner. Possibly we will go directly from Geneva to Neuchatel.
  • you need a bus place anyway, for the transport between CERN buildings
  • you should select O: Conference dinner only, I won't take part in the day trip on DayTrip option
  • From CERN: Please note that open toed shoes and high heels are not allowed for safety reasons.
  • CERN visit FAQ
  • The diagram of accelerators (atoms and particles go in many accelerators (and crashes) to feed the right particle for the experiments (electron, protons, neutrinos,...) on right accelerator.

Please add your name and your preference (and ev. your IRC nick). Please send a mail to cate@d.o ( if you doesn't follow (we need your email address to contact you, if there are late changes). With asterix (*) the people in the IT visit (first 38 people).

  1. * cate, Giacomo Catenazzi, both visit (preferred the IT part)
  2. noel, Noël Köthe
  3. * vicho, Javi Merino, both
  4. * fil, Philip Hands, both (I have a Land-rover with room for me + 3 + 1 small person + 6 people that don't care about seat-belts or comfort)
  5. * stefanor , Stefano Rivera, both
  6. * js, Jonas Smedegaard, both
  7. cts, Christian Steigies (I'll have a car with 3 spare seats)
  8. * Matthias Schmitz (both if possible)
  9. * Ian Jackson, both if possible
  10. * Joey Hess, both
  11. Giovanni Mascellani (gio) [who wanted to vote "both" and is partly disappointed that the default vote not being "both" was made public only _after_ the votation]
  12. * TiN, both
  13. * Dererk, both
  14. * olasd, Nicolas Dandrimont, both visits
  15. Ben Hutchings
  16. Nattie (provisional, pending dates)
  17. Enrico Rossi, both
  18. Enrico Zini (I have a car with 5 seats in total)
  19. Riccardo Stagni
  20. * Daniel Glassey, both
  21. * Juan G. Hernando Rivero, both
  22. * sunweaver, Mike Gabriel, both
  23. * Josue Ortega, both
  24. * Vincent Bernat, both
  25. * Christian Körner, both
  26. * Eric Anholt, both
  27. * Daniel Baumann, both
  28. * cryptom, Tom Jampen, both
  29. * Thomas Goirand (zigo), both
  30. * hggh, Jonas Genannt, both
  31. * Elimar Riesebieter, both
  32. * Patty Langasek, both
  33. * Steve Langasek, both
  34. * Luk Claes, both
  35. * Andrew Lee (李健秋), both
  36. * Ivo De Decker, both
  37. * Federico Ceratto, both
  38. * Jonathan Dupart, both if possible
  39. * Marco Bardelli, IT part if possible
  40. * Joanna Kulisz, both if possible
  41. * Marcin Kulisz, both if possible
  42. * rhalina, Franziska Lichtblau, both if possible
  43. * Y Plentyn, Arne Wichmann, both if possible
  44. * Tiago Vaz, both
  45. * Tássia Camões, both
  46. Taku YASUI (tach), both if possible
  47. Richard Hartmann (RichiH), both -- would have one two free seats in a car or would just ride on the bus -- as cate suggested, if a seat becomes free, I'd like to join
  48. Gerfried "Rhonda" Fuchs, definitely wanting to go (to both), only heard late about it ...
  49. Michael Banck, both
  50. Eric Evans (urandom), both

Maximum of 50 people (for the coach and standard CERN visit). The IT visit between 10h00 and 11h00 has a maximum of 38 people (2 groups of 19). You can spend the time in the exhibition, gift shop, CERN sphere, etc.

Waiting list:

  1. h01ger
  2. Alejandro Garrido Mota, both
  3. Dmitrijs Ledkovs, both
  4. Antonio Terceiro (terceiro), both
  5. ruleant, Dieter Adriaenssens, both if possible
  6. Andi Mundt (and1bm), both
  7. alberto fuentes, both
  8. Santiago Vila, both
  9. José Antonio Quevedo, both
  10. Thomas Preud'homme, both if possible
  11. Albert Dengg, both if possible
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