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[edit] Stuff

  • Nattie, Igor and Velimir will go to Informatik Fachschaft on Monday + TU Buero f. Oeffentlichkeitsarbeit (Operngasse 11) DONE!
  • Igor and Velimir are going to visit Gebäude und Technick department at TU Wien, to talk details regarding Venue
  • Igor is also going to the fsinf meeting on Tuesday at 19:00 to introduce debconf, and try to recruit more orga members and volunteers - please come along if you'd like to help out with this. (DONE, went very well, they said we have their support and that they would help with anything they can)

[edit] Check with potential Venues

  • TU Wien (Monday) -- we made contact, talked to some University people and basically we can have TU Wien, we just need to talk details with them.

these are not needed any more \o/

  • other options:
    • Uno City
    • Uni Wien
    • WU Wien

[edit] Accommodation

  • Nattie and Igor will go to to check about potential accommodations (no luck there)
  • Wombats Hostel (sent email, waiting for response)
    • we received a response, and they basically said no.
  • find more options and make contact ASAP
    • (Dormitory Schäffergasse 2, 1040 Vienna) is a hostel during summer.
    • Hotel Mercure (too expensive??)
    • Best Western

[edit] Team

  • Current:
    • Gerfried "Rhonda" Fuchs (LinuxWochen Wien),
    • Velimir Iveljic (debconf11),
    • Vedran Omeragic (debconf11),
    • Michael Schutte,
    • Igor Galić
    • Natalie Mayer-Hutchings
    • Christian Hofstaedtler

Recruit more people!!!

[edit] Contact

  • VIBE/IPA/ISPA/netidee (Otmar?)
  • MA7 / WienEvent?
  • Prepared hijack of DevOps Meeting at Metalab 24/10
  • Hijack entire Metalab for Orga people

[edit] Notes

  • Nattie and Igor want to terrorize somebody!
  • We totally did that, but nicely. Hi Velimir ;-D
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