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[edit] Things to do

Still after dc13 useful:

  • upload archival, pal+ntsc-dvd files too
  • 2x2tb backup hdds, store them
  • keep munin stats of hires
  • mail carl/tim about "fpga twinpact"
  • make it so that the FAI install phase uses WiFi, so that it'll work without needing complicated dual network setups on the wire
  • go away from xfce - its session handling is going in our way
    • lxde? awesome?

[edit] Missing things

  • 1x miniTRS to TRS headphone adaptor
  • 3x slim Microphone stand clip
  • 1x Laptop
  • 1x P2 card
  • 1x Headset microphone (TS100)
  • 2x Wind shields for environment mics
  • 1x Twinpact remote

[edit] New stuff after dc13

  • 1x Tripod (for small tripod in room 1)
  • fw-cables
  • european power bars
  • pccard-firewire 900
  • large usb disk to be kept together with the laptops for usage at small conferences

[edit] Broken

  • 2x handset microphone (t.bone TW 16HT)

[edit] Useful to have

  • "foam tips" for the headset microphones
  • Some short (1m) XLR male to female cables
  • 2x Presentation (clicker) remotes

[edit] old Todo from dc13

  • Setup streams on (choose room names first)
  • document streaming setup:
    • its automated and on krusty but we should document it in svn^wgit - Ganneff knows more.
    • <Ganneff> all adm, rhonda, mfl have access, not all video. can + should add 1-3 more people
    • <Ganneff> there is /srv/video, and that has an extensive readme file - you basically must set the right config diles. put them there. run make.
    • <Ganneff> i may have to do some dns magic, though i want to automate that too.
    • <Ganneff> [21:16:05] h01ger: ha, there it is.
    • <Ganneff> [21:16:19] (the readme on krusty has more which isnt put into html)
    • <Ganneff> [21:17:18] except for actually changing dns, we admins and rhonda can change the whole video mirror setup
    • <Ganneff> [21:19:17] though there isnt a need to change dns right now. yay.
    • <Ganneff> [21:20:30] right. and as such, im not doing anything for it right now.
    • <Ganneff> [21:21:16] video team needs to come up with the icecast configs, rhonda or you or me can put it there in the right dir (input/debconf13), copy the hosts file from dc12, run make debconf13 and voila, all mirrors have it.
    • <Ganneff> [21:21:29] config change? edit icecast config, run make debconf13 again. done.
  • how to merge "daf's subtitle system"
  • cleanup the rest of todo page
  • Broken Penta DB?:
    UPDATE video_event_recording SET event_recording_base_name='' WHERE event_recording_base_name IS NULL;

[edit] Old TODO list

  • complete inventory
  • include dvsmon
  • upload to sid?
  • start a list of dvswitch users
  • Easy switch between user profiles (IRILL, Debian, FOSDEM, ...)
    • Change of the configuration files
    • Change of the dvswitch loop video
    • change of the streaming server
  • contact Stephen Marron who wanted to write a p2card driver for linux 3.0
  • contact headset guys from the UK (who are building a autonomous headset solution for gaming use, which we can also use for inter communication)
  • update

[edit] Things to buy

(old too)

old Sylvestre order:

Daven suggests:

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