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Note: The Swiss bid has three pages: the general informations (in this page), the priority list and the Vaumarcus CheckList.


[edit] Why Switzerland

  • a beautiful country (Alps, lakes, landscapes);
  • multicultural cities with a human touch;
  • headquarters of many international entities;
  • four official languages;
  • second highest ratio of DDs per population in a country.

[edit] Localteam

Most of this part is now in the PriorityList page, leaving a summary for completeness.

The preparations of this bid were done under the umbrella of is an association under Swiss law open to Debian members, contributors and sympathizers living in Switzerland. It has currently 14 official members and a mailinglist with about 80 subscribers.

[edit] Prospective core team members

People active in the preparation of this bid (present at several meetings or done some major work):

  • Luca Capello / gismo (DD, participant at various previous DebConfs, willing to join the DebConf12 team)
  • Gaudenz Steinlin (DD, participant at DebConf9-11, willing to join the DebConf12 team)
  • Didier Raboud / OdyX (DD, participant at DebConf11, willing to join the DebConf12 team)
  • Giacomo Catenazzi / cate (DD, participant at DebConf7,8,9,10)
  • Kevin Mueller / kevinmoilar
  • Michele Cane / Heiserhorn

[edit] Team work

We tend to think that we have been pretty good at team work:

  • regular meetings were decided in advance, announced, then held and minutes written down for them,
  • contributions were not those of a single men, but workload (contacts and visits with potential venues, wiki editing, etc) has been distributed (hence avoiding the bus factor),
  • our mailing list has seen a reasonable traffic.

[edit] Venue: `Le Camp`, in Vaumarcus

`Le Camp`, Vaumarcus (Location Checklist)
`Le Camp` de Vaumarcus from above

[edit] Location

`Le Camp` is situated near the idyllic small village of Vaumarcus. Vaumarcus has a history taking its roots in the medieval age, around 1227. It is situated in the northern part of Switzerland, with a gorgeous view on the Lake Neuchâtel

Overlooking the beautiful lake of Neuchâtel, Vaumarcus is situated at the edge of the Swiss "Lake district", one of the most beautiful regions in Switzerland. Here the landscape is spacious, giving room for the eye to wander over lakes and plains to the mountains in the distance. The lake with its clear water is perfect for swimming, rowing and sailing.

There are medieval towns and villages all around the lake, rich with culture and good restaurants.

A nature reserve is situated just across the lake from Vaumarcus, - a renowned breeding ground for rare birds.

The whole area is very well connected by public transport: boats, small railway and bus services. Of these, the most enjoyable is probably the boats. They offer wireless Internet and a bar. It doesn't get much better than cruising the lakes from port to port like that on a sunny day. Another great way to get about is by bicycle. There are some excellent cycling routes around the lakes.

Vaumarcus can be reached comfortably by train in 1.45h from Geneva airport and in just under 3h from the airports Zurich or Basel.

[edit] Why we think `Le Camp` is great

  • beautiful place;
  • we have it for our own (hence no issues of opening times, cohabitation with others, etc);
  • close to nature, although with all the infrastructure we need;
  • access is reasonably easy (10-minutes walk from the each-hour bus);
  • it is backed up by a non-profit Foundation (ethical chart (fr), annual report (fr), ...);
  • it's simple: it's not a boat but probably as close you can get to that in Switzerland.

[edit] Backup Venue plans

If for any unforseen reason it should not be possible to have DebConf in Vaumarcus we have several Backup options available:

[edit] PriorityList and CheckList

See our PriorityList and our Vaumarcus CheckList.

[edit] Date

Best dates for `Le Camp`:

  • Start of DebCamp: 2013-08-05
  • End of DebConf: 2013-08-18

For the backup locations the exact dates may vary.

[edit] Budget

[edit] Rough budget calculations

NOTA BENE: the prices shown in EUR below are calculated with the 2012-01-21 echange ratio of 1 EUR = 1.21 CHF

Accommodation (average of 22 CHF / 18.19 EUR per day, note 1, note 6): 64 350.- CHF / 53 181.82 EUR
Food (average of 40 CHF / 33.06 EUR per day, note 1, note 5): 117 000.- CHF / 96 694.22 EUR
Travel sponsorship (note 2):
* from GVA (29.20 CHF / 24.13 EUR for one-way) 8 760.- CHF / 7 239.67 EUR
* from ZRH (50.20 CHF / 41.49 EUR for one-way) 15 060.- CHF / 12 446.28 EUR
Venue (note 3): 0.- CHF / 0.00 EUR
T-Shirts (note 4): 6 800.- CHF / 5 619.83 EUR
Daytrip: [TBA] / [TBA]
TOTAL 211 970.- CHF / 175 181.82 EUR


  1. based on previous DebConfs, we estimated an average of 195 attendees per day during the whole 15 days.
  2. not considering how to reach Switzerland, to arrive to `Le Camp` from the Geneva and Zürich airports one needs to take public transports. Full prices for one person are 40.40 CHF / 33.39 EUR and 69.40 CHF / 57.36 EUR for one-way from GVA or ZRH, respectively. Group prices for 150 people are 29.20 CHF / 24.13 EUR and 50.20 / 41.49 EUR, for one person and one-way, from GVA and ZRH, espectively. These latter are the prices used for the calcaulations.
  3. the whole venue will be reserved for us and its price is included in accommodation.
  4. the price for one T-Shirt was based on the last SpaceFun/squeeze T-Shirts produced by, i.e. 14.05 EUR (raw material and printing included). The total price showed is for 400 T-Shirts.
  5. It's also possible to use their kitchen and cook our own food. The organizers of RMLL in Geneve this July told us that they were able to hire people to cook for them for 8.- CHF per meal. This would reduce the costs to CHF 24.- / € 20.- per person per day which totals to CHF 70'200 / € 58'000. Going with this option would save us about CHF 46'800 / € 38'700.
  6. Note that that's _very_ cheap for accomodation in Switzerland. Any single hotel room is at least 50.- CHF / night while one might go down to 25.- CHF / night / person in the Cheap Youth Hostels with group discount.

[edit] Sponsors

See DebConf13/Switzerland/minutes-20111116#Possible_sponsors for a list of possible sponsors. We did not approach those yet, though.

[edit] Possible problems and how we intend to solve them

Now in the PriorityList page.

[edit] Strong points in other bids

[edit] Latvia

Now in the PriorityList page.

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